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By Mike Johnson on 2013-01-21 08:30:00
Hardcore Roadtrip announced the following:

This week Missy Hyatt informed us that she would be unable to make the trip to Canada due to family obligation and responsibilities we are currently working on naming a replacement for Her.

We have added another match to Born 2B Wired in London, ON Canada it will be Al Snow w/ Head taking on Joey Ryan. These two matched up a few months back at Bound for Glory PPV.

We are running a cool auction for fans where they can become part of the Hardcore Roadtrip team for the Banned In The USA Show! The winner of this auction will sit ringside (During the Duration of the event) and be in charge of keeping time of the match and will ring the bell when directed by the referee! This is without a doubt the best seat in the house and a once in a lifetime opportunity!

Tickets are still available for the shows at

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