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By Dave Scherer on 2013-01-23 09:59:00

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So would it be safe to say that matches like the Dolph Zigger-John Cena cage match on the 20th anniversary of Raw is an example of what drives the folks who don't like Cena crazy?

In my opinion, yes it sure would be safe to assume that.

As rumored assuming Rock beats Punk for the title at the Rumble and then Cena wins the Rumble this setting up Rock vs Cena two is it possible that Cena wins and Ziggler cashes in his MITB to secure his Wrestlemania moment and hopefully spare the fans of another long, dull and boring Cena run that is the equivalent to shaving with a cheese grater or getting a root canal without the Novocain?

The only problem with that, other than Vince not wanting to do it, is that Ziggler's contract is for the World Title, not the WWE Championship.  But yeah, I am with you on being less than excited to hear Captain Poopy's promos going into Mania.

Wouldn't it be cool if Punk defeats The Rock with help from Brock Lesnar setting up a Rock vs. Brock at Wrestlemania?

I like the idea of Rock vs. Lesnar (anything but Cena again) but I don't want Punk to need help to win.  Now, if Punk wins and Brock comes out and laughs at Rock to set up the match, that would be cool.

We have had RVD and Cena cash in with notice. We have had countless cash ins with 'surprises'. How about this? Ziggler wins the Rumble and goes on to wrestle Del Rio at Mania. About ten minutes or so in, after a good competitive match, Big E jumps Del Rio and beats him down causing the DQ. Then Dolph grabs the briefcase and cashes in. It would be a new-ish way of dealing with the cash in. I know that the WHC is penciled in for Sheamus vs Orton, but wouldn't this allow new guys to be elevated in the title program. Personally, I think a heel Orton vs Sheamus doesn't need a title.

So you are saying have Ziggler need help to win the World Title, instead of just winning it in a match he already has?  I hate that idea.  It makes him look like a weak joke.

Imagine this, your setting up a brand new wrestling company. Your given a free choice of any mega star, in their prime and at the peak of their drawing power, in wrestling history, but you can only pick 1. Who do you pick to be your number 1 guy and why? Austin, Rock, Hogan, Cena, HHH, Lesnar, Punk, Flair, Goldberg, Hart or anybody else?

To me it's about who drew the most money so it would come down to Austin or Hogan in their prime.  I like watching Austin better, so I would take him.

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