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By Dave Scherer on 2013-01-21 09:59:00

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I was reading the previous question about Mr. Ziggler and here is a good scenario. What if Dolph wins the Rumble? He has a chance to win both titles at Wrestlemania and be undisputed champion. He could challenge the WWE champion and cashes in his MITB case in the same night.

 That would be great because they sure haven't done anything else to get the guy over.  All they have him do is lose in every imaginable way to Superman Cena.  With that said, I don't see any chance of them doing it.

I was watching a video of Matt Hardy's return back in 2005 (after all the stuff that he did with edge), and noticed he delivered a "pipebomb" about Edge and Lita. My question to you is why does CM Punk claim to have invented the pipe bomb when obviously he wasn't?

Well, Hardy bombed on that promo at least.  I felt bad for him that he finally got his chance with the mic and it didn't go so well.  I don't remember him calling it a pipe bomb but even if he did, it wouldn't be the first time history in wrestling wasn't followed.

Hey guys, longtime reader here, love your site! Looking at the 4 top matches (as of right now) for WM 29, any chance you can see WWE changing their plans due to early backlash? The ONLY match that would have any type of intrigue would be Punk vs. Taker and that's only if Punk were to still have the title, no way Cena loses again or Brock beats HHH again. Grant it we have yet to see any build for these matches but coming from someone who's going to Mania and has been to the previous 4, I'm not excited at all at this point.

I am with you.  I find the top four bouts OK but not super exciting.  Given that Vince feels differently, I don't give it much of a chance that he will mix things up.  We can hope, but he seems set on doing it this way.

I watch a lot of TV and I find that sitcoms often use laugh tracks to help dictate what the audience finds funny. Watching WWE, I've noticed that when John Cena tells a joke and it bombs, often someone at the announce table or an interviewer will laugh or chuckle (look at Cena's promo this Monday with Josh Mathews). Do you think this is done on purpose to help John's often dated references seem funny? Also, does Cena write his own promos?

Oh yeah, they definitely do the over-laugh to try to sell things that aren't funny.  Given that Cena is as hilarious as a rectal exam, they have to do a lot of it for him.  Cena has the ability to ad-lib with his promos, something most of the talent doesn't.  They would be better off scripting Captain Poopy and making him recite the promos verbatim.

I think the 20th anniversary raw was an underrated show. People didn't like it because of no shocking returns and surprises. But honestly I think it makes more sense to limit returns and keep the raw 1000 show a special occasion cause they went all out for that show. Why ruin the raw 1000 show for a 20th anniversary, when there's always a 25 anniversary show. I think it was smarter to use some of the younger talent like they did. Rock was fantastic, seeing Ric Flair back was great, seeing Mick Foley was inducted into the hall of fame was great to see. Ziggler vs. Cena was a solid match. So there were some good things that people looked over. Do you agree?

I thought the show was OK but the booking of John Cena beating Ziggler in the match Ziggler said he prepared his whole life for, despite the fact that Ziggler had help from AJ and Big E., was reprehensible and made a lot of people hate the show.  I definitely hated the way they did that.  But that aside, I disagree with you.  The 1000th Raw was almost six months ago.  There is no reason we couldn't have had more live nostalgia, instead of the videos we got instead.

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