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By Dave Scherer on 2013-01-20 14:09:44

As we continue to wait (and wait) for WWE to launch their network, the company has put on a poll on asking fans what they would like to see on their YouTube channel in 2013.

These are the options:

*Behind-the-scenes footage and backstage interviews
*“Best of” video rankings and countdowns
*Superstar-hosted reality shows
*Profiles of Superstars' lives outside the ring and/or at home
*Ring action recaps and highlight reels
*WWE-themed game shows with fan contestants
*Superstar-hosted fitness and exercise shows
*Animated WWE shows/WWE cartoons
*Classic full-length WWE matches
*WWE news center/live fan “call-in” show

Now maybe I am reading too much into this but I can tell you that all of those ideas have been discussed as being ideas for shows on the Network, if it were to ever happen.  It could be that WWE is going to use YouTube as a test run for such shows.  Or it could be that the Network will be "12 to 18 months away" for the rest of our lives. 

This much I can tell you.  They make money from the YouTube channel.  Whether they will from the Network is up for major debate.

Thanks to Steven Fernandes for his help with this story.

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