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By Al Knows in California on 2013-01-20 02:32:23
I attended the Saturday Raw World Tour event in Ontario, California Saturday night.

The show opened with a promo from CM Punk, he reinjured his knee and had a note from his doctor saying he wasn't cleared to wrestle tonight. Dolph Ziggler and company come out to the ring and Ziggler is wearing a surgical mask. Seems he has a cold and has a note from his doctor, excusing him from action. Vickie Guerrero, wow, at a house show? Yep she said you can't compete in singles but you will team up tonight to face Ryback and John Cena in the main event. Vickie also reminded us the Miz will face Antonio Cesaro for the U.S. belt, and we get to pick the stipulation. It will either be No DQ or 2 out of 3 falls.

The first match was Brodus Clay and Funkadactyls getting a win over Jack Swagger. Remember him? Me either.

Next up was Tensai and Bo Dallas. And how the mighty have fallen as Tensai actually loses to Bo Dallas.

Damien Sandow was out to dazzle us with his brilliance. The crowd what-ed him so his first question was what is his least favorite English word? WHAT? Well, the crowd guessed that one next up was an insulting Cali question and then who in the back was worthy of being in a match with him? Alex Riley, that's who. Sandow wins in an entertaining match.

Time now for the Twitter and tweet results and we have a no DQ match for the U.S. belt. Outstanding match as both guys worked their butts off. Eventually we had a kendo stick, an exposed turnbuckle, two chairs, one propped in a corner and of course a table. Cesaro won with a Neutralizer out of nowhere but got thrown through a table after the decision. Great match, easily best of the night. Miz has some nasty looking welts on his back from the kendo attack.

Intermission and we're back with Tamina and Kaitlyn for the Divas title. Kaitlyn retains after surviving a superfly splash.

Next up, Zack Ryder faces Cody's moustache. In a bit of a surprise Ryder gets the win.

Tag team main event with Ryback and Cena against Punk and Ziggler. Cena and Ryback took turns as face in peril, before making tags. AJ slaps Cena in the face at one point. More distraction and Big E Langston hits his finisher on Ryback, in the move of the night. Big E gets booted by the ref, AJ loses her mind and she gets booted too. The faces win with an AA from Cena on Ziggler.

Great show. I did not expect promos or a Vickie Guerrero sighting at a house show so that was different. They were in LA Friday and Ontario is only a 45-minute drive so it has to be one of the easiest trips of the year.

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