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By Ryan Capps on 2013-01-20 01:03:50
Bad at estimating attendance, but all seats full. July 12 announced as return date. There were no pre-show matches.

1. Adam Cole defeats Silas Young to retain the TV title with the cross arm belly to back suplex. Really good opener, crowd is really hot.

2. Bobby Fish defeats Tadarius Thomas via leg lock. Lots of strikes and kicks to start but Thomas misses a kick and hits the ring post and Fish took advantage.

3. Charlie Haas defeats Rhett Titus after he got his knees up on an attempted frog splash from Titus. Tons of interaction with the crowd and beer sprayed into the crowd by Haas.

4. Jacobs, Corino and Rhino defeat Jay Lethal and The Briscoes after Rhino gored and pinned Mark Briscoe. Lots of heat for SCUM and a good brawl.

5. Matt Hardy defeats BJ Whitmer with a guillotine choke via referee stoppage when Rhett Titus threw in the towel. Whitmer and Titus argued as they left. Hardy says he is the true TV champ. Adam Cole comes out and says he wants redemption for Final Battle. A pull apart brawl ensues and all the refs come out to break it up. Hardy lays out Cole after hitting him with the TV belt. Hardy leaves with the belt.

6. Davey Richards defeats Kyle O'Reilly after multiple kicks to the head. Amazing match. Too much to describe. Go out of your way to see this match.

7. Main Event: Defy or Deny - Kevin Steen retains after pinning Eddie Edwards. Edwards cannot challenge for the title while Steen is champion. Great match. Definitely recommend getting this show when it comes out.

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