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By Richard Trionfo on 2013-01-19 21:04:36
We have a new opening video package featuring something more than Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin. At least we have the guardrail banging.

We are in Baltimore, Maryland and your announcers are Kevin Kelly and Caleb Seltzer.

Match Number One: Alabama Attitude (Mike Posey and Corey Hollis) versus Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Reilly

Hollis and O’Reilly start things off and they lock up and Kyle with a waist lock but Hollis with an escape and front face lock. Fish tags himself in and Posey does the same. Fish with a single leg take down and side head lock. Posey with a waist lock but Fish with a standing switch and kick. Fish puts Posey into the ropes and he punches him. Fish tries for an O’Connor Roll but Posey holds on to the ropes. Kyle with a knee to the back and Fish with a drop kick.

Kyle tags in and he snap mares Posey and kicks him in the back and then drops a knee to the chest for a near fall. Fish tags in and O’Reilly sends him into the turnbuckles while Fish takes care of Hollis. Fish with a forearm to Posey in the corner followed by a knee from Kyle. Fish with a tilt-a-whirl back breaker and Kyle comes off the turnbuckles with a knee to the chest.

Fish gets a near fall. Fish with a forearm but Posey with a forearm of his own. Fish with a knee and a snap mare followed by a double slingshot senton and he chokes Posey. Kyle tags in and hits a snap suplex and floats over for a near fall. Fish tags in and Kyle knocks Hollis off the apron. Kyle runs into a knee and then Posey makes the tag to Hollis and Hollis with a double drop kick to Fish and O’Reilly.

Hollis with forearms to Fish and O’Reilly in the corner. Hollis with a boot to O’Reilly followed by a snap neck breaker. Hollis with a kick and suplex to Fish. Kyle with a kick and Posey makes the blind tag. Hollis sends O’Reilly into Fish and then Hollis hits an inverted DDT on Fish while Fish has O’Reilly by the neck and the momentum sends Kyle into the mat with a DDT.

Posey goes up top and hits a leg drop on Fish for a near fall. Fish with a back heel kick to Posey and then Fish sends Hollis over the top rope to the floor. Kyle with a German suplex on the floor while Fish hits a wrist clutch German suplex on Posey in the ring. Kyle with a kick to the head and Fish with a kick to the chest. Kyle with a running kick to the head. O’Reilly gets Posey pu for a brainbuster and Fish with a kick to the chest before Kyle hits the brainbuster and Fish gets the three count.

Winners: Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Reilly

We go to commercial.

We are back and Nigel McGuinness is in the ring. He says that things got out of control at Final Battle. A situation occurred where Nigel had to kick Jay Lethal out of the building. It has been a month and he wants to address the situation in a public forum so his position can be perfectly clear.

Nigel asks for Jay Lethal to come to the ring.

Nigel tells Jay that when he became Ring of Honor matchmaker, he knew that someone was going to step up and test him. He did not think it would be Jay. He figured it would have been Kevin Steen or Charlie Haas. He says that he had to kick Jay out of the building.

Nigel says that he could fine or suspend Jay, but they go way back and they are friends. He is not going to fine or suspend Jay, he is going to give him a warning. He tells Jay that this is the last warning that he gets. If Jay steps out of line again, he will regret it.

Jay tells Nigel that these last few weeks have been the most frustrating of his life. At Final Battle, it all came to a head. Even though he shed the role of being Mr. Nice Guy, he understands Nigel’s warning and respects his position.

Respecting Nigel’s position does not help his situation with Kevin Steen. Jay wants to know what to do to get his Ring of Honor Title Match against Kevin Steen.

Jay tells Nigel he will not wait until Kevin Steen loses the title. He wants his title shot as soon as possible. He wants to know what he has to do. He yells at Nigel.

Nigel tells Jay that he will make it simple. His hands are tied. It is written in stone that Steen will not have to defend the title against Jay Lethal. Only Kevin Steen can fix this. He does not want to hear Jay talk about his title match again.

Jay says that he knows what he has to do.

Nigel reminds Jay that he won’t get a second warning.

Jay says that he was going to say the same thing to Nigel.

We go to commercial.

We are back with Inside Ring of Honor. This week, we will find out what Nigel McGuinness thinks of Matt Hardy, the Television Title picture, and Kevin Steen.

The first topic is the Matt Hardy versus Adam Cole match when Matt connected with a low blow to help him win the match.

BJ Whitmer will face Adam Cole for the television title on next week’s television show.

Why did Matt not get a title match? Nigel was not a big fan of the way that Matt won the match so Matt does not get a title match.

Matt says that he is almost at a loss for words. He knows that Nigel is the matchmaker. He reminds everyone that he pinned Adam Cole after a wrestling maneuver. Why doesn’t the wrestling company reward the man who won with a wrestling maneuver? Last time he saw BJ Whitmer, he saw him being carted out at Final Battle, the place where he beat Adam Cole.

Charlie Haas is also not happy with Whitmer being awarded a title match.

BJ Whitmer says that he has dealt with injuries his entire career. Nigel has given him a television title match. He will make the most of this opportunity and he will win the Television Title.

Kevin says that Kevin Steen might not be the same after surviving Ladder War. Steen has made no inquiry about his next opponent for the World Title.

Steve Corino questions the ‘unnamed sources’. Steve says that he bets that Nigel McGuinness is the one starting the rumors. Steve says that Kevin Steen is fine. They don’t deal with rumors. They deal with fact.

The Top Prospect Tournament starts this week. In 2010, Mike Bennett won the tournament that featured Michael Elgin and Adam Cole.

The next iPPV is the 11th Anniversay Show on March 2nd in Chicago Ridge.

Next week, we will find out the first matches for the 11th Anniversary Show.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Kevin and Caleb tell us that we will have a Television Title Match next week as well as Matt Hardy in action.

Kevin asks Caleb about the Jay Lethal situation.

Truth Martini joins Kevin and Caleb to see the Top Prospect Tournament.

Match Number Two: Mike Sydal versus QT Marshall (with RD Evans) in a Top Prospect Tournament First Round Match

They lock up and Marshall with a waist lock take down. Sydal with a standing switch. Marshall with an elbow and then he does something but we missed it because the cameras were focused on Evans at ringside. Marshal tries for a hip toss but Sydal with an arm drag. Sydal with an arm drag into an arm bar. Marshall with a knee to the midsection. Sydal floats over Marshall and then goes through the legs. Sydal with a waist lock and Marshall holds on to the ropes and he sends Sydal to the apron.

Sydal with a forearm but Evans grabs the leg and that allows Marshall to connect with a forearm and then Evans chokes Sydal on the apron. Marshall with a delayed belly-to-back suplex for a near fall. Marshall with a slam and elbow drops and then he walks across the chest.

Sydal with forearms but Marshall with a knee. Marshall with a knee to the midsection followed by an Irish whip. Marshall with a tilt-a-whirl back breaker but he sets for a running power slam but Sydal counters with a tornado DDT and both men are down.

Sydal with a forearm and kicks. Sydal with drop kicks but Marshall stays on his feet. Sydal avoids a boot and then he hits a leaping neck breaker. Sydal with a clothesline to the back of the neck and then he goes up top and hits a rana that sends Marshall to the floor. Sydal goes up top and hits a moonsault on Evans and Marshall. Sydal with a near fall.

Sydal with a standing moonsault but Marshall appears to have blocked it with the knees. Marshall hits the Higher Calling for the three count.

Winner: QT Marshall (Advances to face winner of Antonio Thomas versus Tadarius Thomas in the semi-finals)

Veda Scott is with Cedric Alexander and Caprice Coleman. She asks them about their opportunity tonight to become the Tag Team Champions. Cedric says that they respect the Briscoes. They were told that they would get the first title match. When they get into the ring, all bets are off.

Caprice says that this is a new year and a new dawn for them. The buck stops here. They respect the Briscoes until they step into the ring.

We go to commercial.

Match Number Three: Caprice Coleman and Cedric Alexander versus Mark and Jay Briscoe for the Ring of Honor Tag Titles

Mark and Cedric start things off and they lock up. Mark backs Cedric into the corenr and Mark with a head scissors but Cedric escapes. Mark with a side head lock take down. Cedric wit a drop kick to the knees but Mark with a side head lock take down. Cedric with a rollup for a near fall.

Cedric misses a drop kick and both men go to a stalemate. Caprice and Jay tag in and they lock up. Caprice with an arm drag. They lock up again and Caprice works on the arm and he applies a hammer lock into a side head lock. Caprice with an arm drag. Jay with a side head lock and a kick. Caprice with punches and a drop kick for a near fall.

Cedric tags in and Mark makes the blind tag while Caprice gives Jay a drop toe hold and Caprice with a drop kick to the head. Mark kicks Cedric and punches Caprice. Caprice Irish whips Mark into Cedric who holds Mark up for a leg lariat from Caprice. Coleman and Alexander with a double drop kick to Jay.

Coleman and Alexander with stereo flip dives onto Jay and Mark as we go to commercial.

We are back and Jay with an Irish whip and splash into the corner followed by a chop. Mark tags in and he punches Alexander. Mark with a kick to Alexander. Mark with punches in the corner. Mark with a suplex to Cedric for a near fall. Mark chops Cedric and tags in Jay who connects with a boot into the corner. Jay with a European uppercut and he applies a rear chin lock.

Cedric with elbows but Jay with a boot to the head and Mark tags in. Mark with a kick to the head followed by a head butt. Mark sends Cedric to the mat and he hits a leaping elbow drop. Jay tags back in and Jay with a back elbow. Mark with a back breaker and Jay with a leg drop for a near fall.

Jay with a kick to Cedric’s head and he tags Mark back in. Mark runs into a boot and Caprice is tagged in. Caprice with punches to the Briscoes. Caprice with an STO to Jay and then he runs Mark into the turnbuckles. Coleman with two rolling Northern Lights suplexes but Jay stops him on the third one. Alexander with a kick to Jay but Coleman with a double Northern Lights suplex for a near fall.

Cedric tags in and Coleman gets Jay on his shoulders and Cedric with a double stomp followed by a Death Valley Driver by Coleman onto Cedric’s knees for a near fall. Jay sends Cedric to the floor. Jay with a boot to Caprice followed by a discus forearm. The champs signal for the Doomsday Device but Alexander drop kicks Mark from the turnbuckles. Caprice with a kick to Jay’s chest and then Coleman leaps up and hits a rana on Mark and turns it into a moonsault on Jay. Cedric with a frog splash onto Mark for a near fall.

Jay trips Cedric while Caprice punches Mark. Mark with chops but Coleman with a back heel kick. Mark has a kick blocked and he is flipped backward but lands on his feet. Mark with a kick to the head. Mark gets Coleman up for an Outsider’s Edge but Jay adds more to the impact with a cutter.

Mark runs into an elbow from Cedric but Mark hits a Death Valley Driver on Cedric when he charges at him. Jay with a Falcon Arrow and then Mark hits the elbow drop from the top for a two count. The Briscoes set up Cedric for the Doomsday Device and they hit it and get the three count.

Winners: Jay and Mark Briscoe

After the match, Steve Corino, Jimmy Jacobs, and Rhino come to the ring and they attack the four men who just wrestled. Corino and Jacobs attack The Briscoes first. Jacobs with an Ace Cutter on Mark and Corino hits the Colby Shock on Jay. Rhino with a clothesline to Jay and then he hits a GORE on Alexander.

We go to credits.

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