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By Mike Johnson on 2013-01-19 12:53:25
PWInsiderTV has now produced 17 episodes featuring exclusive interviews and more! Here is a rundown of the last week's episodes:

Tommy Dreamer discusses the state of wrestling talent today, WWE trying to get guys ready for national TV in just a few years, whether there will be a next generation of stars, indy names who could be World champions, how the way WWE looks at talent could prevent that, what first drew Dreamer to wrestling that is missing today, why he never worked the final ECW Arena, why he wishes it was still there, lessons he's learned since opening his wrestling school (, his students, differences when he trained for wrestling and those starting out today, loving CHIKARA, why he wishes he could win the Powerball and much more!

"The Greek God" Dmitrious Papadon, the 2012 ECWA Super 8 winner, a talent that we suspect will break out in 2013. Over the course of the year, we will continue to check in with him to discuss his career and the direction 2013 has taken him. Here is our first discussion:

Papadon discusses his tournament win, breaking into Extreme Rising, why things really started to click for his career last year, his belief that he will one day headline Wrestlemania, his passion for the business, trying to streamline his work as a pro wrestler, carrying himself and believing in himself, working Sabu in his Rising debut, why the NYWC has turned into one of the best training grounds in the business, his theory on training, testing himself against ECW Originals, goals for the year and much more!

Former ECW and NWA champion Steve Corino talks to PWInsiderTV about a ton of topics, including the alleged Corino Curse that leads to promotions closing when he gets their title belt, whether he feels the ghosts of the past when ROH runs the Hammerstein Ballroom, what the legacy of Ring of Honor is, his role as "Jack Victory" for ROH champion Kevin Steen, his short run under contract for WCW in 2001, his personal favorite ROH moment, the Homicide feud and much more!

The legendary "Beautiful" Bobby Eaton discusses working for Traditional Championship Wrestling in Arkansas, why fans should check the rising promotion out, what happens when Jim Cornette finds out the fast food drive through windows are closed, his favorite territories, tag teams he likes today, The Midnight Express and much more!

We kicked off this week with a special interview with Kevin Kiernan, the director of the forthcoming ECW documentary:

During the interview, Kiernan discusses coming on board to the project without knowing what ECW was, his first reactions to the footage, coming in and covering a business that is based on lies, smoke and mirrors to create the best film, the reactions he's from gotten from people who aren't wrestling fans, the material that really struck a nerve with him he's looking forward to the film's audience seeing, the ECW fan base, the campaign, why someone who was never a wrestling fan should check out the film when it's released and much more!

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