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By Mike Johnson on 2013-01-19 10:00:00
Ever since the addition of Todd Keneley, it's appeared that TNA was phasing Taz off of the commentary team. So with the heel turn, is he now done as the color man? I hope not, since the Impact broadcast is much more vanilla and lacking energy when Taz isn't in the booth.

It remains to be seen, but at least for the short term, he is off commentary.

Do you see any possibility of TNA and ROH ever working together or sharing talent again? Although they may be competitors in theory, I think it's largely the same fans who support both products, and their previous working relationship seemed to benefit both promotions.

No. TNA talents cannot appear for another promotion that is on TV or sells their material via DVD or iPPV. TNA and ROH that worked together were far different animals than they are now in 2013. I don't see it really happening.

I remember a while back that Al Snow was "missing" for a Gut Check judging and D-Lo just happened to be there to stand in. Was this something they were going to turn into a storyline or was it just some weird way to explain that Al Snow wasn't available to be at the show?

It's something that still may turn into a storyline. Snow was actually at the taping in question that night.

Going forward TNA will have 4 live PPV's a year. Genesis, Lockdown, Slammiversary and Bound for Glory. Lockdown is special cause it's an all in a cage PPV, Slammiversary is special cause it's their anniversary and Bound for Glory is special cause it's TNA's Wrestlemania, but Genesis? There's nothing special about it. They should have gone with either Destination X (a X division PPV) or Hardcore Justice ( a hardcore PPV). Your thoughts?

Well, the Genesis that just passed was the last of the monthly shows. There's no word what the theme will be for Genesis 2014 by the time it comes along!

I remember a few years ago, about the time when Get Smart came out. John Cena said he understood that even though The Rock was busy, he wanted him to come back. Then, when they asked The Rock for a response, he basically just laughed it off. In fact, he was trying to distance himself being more Dwayne Johnson & less of The Rock. All of a sudden, he changes his mind. What caused the change? Was it money? Did he miss the live audience?

Rock's management changed and the former management wanted to distance him and make him more of a family friendly performer to expand his work as an actor. He listened as he acclimated himself to Hollywood. Once he was established and could call his own shots, Rock decided to forgo that advice and dive back into WWE so he could plug into that audience and make use of it as he moved back into his action-adventure role for films. He also had a lot of resentment towards WWE for letting his last contract expire without contact form anyone in the company and time needed to pass before that resentment and feeling of disrespect receded. While I am sure the money is awesome, I honestly believe a huge reason for his return is because he loves the business and the energy that he gets being out there performing. He's far past the point where he needs the money from the business, so that is not even part of the equation.

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