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By Alex Williams on 2013-01-19 00:34:07
TNA taped Impact Wrestling for Thursday 1/24 tonight in the Impact Zone. Here are results:

*Mike Tenay and Todd Kennely are now the announcers.

*TNA Knockouts champion Tara defeated Velvet Sky.

*Zema Ion and Kenny King defeated Christian York and TNA X-Division champion Rob Van Dam. Ion pinned York after making a blind tag.

*Bobby Roode pinned TNA Tag Team champion Hernandez when Austin Aries interfered.

*There was a segment where the returning Kurt Angle (OK, he was gone for two weeks but still) came out and accused Mr. Anderson of being a mole for Aces & Eights. He challenged Anderson to a Cage match. Anderson agreed.

*Sting and Bully Ray confronted Hulk Hogan and demanded he lift Ray's suspension.

*TNA champion Jeff Hardy pinned Christopher Daniels. Aces & Eights attacked Hardy as Taz cut a promo.

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