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By Daniel F. on 2013-01-17 15:40:56

TNA British Boot Camp Episode 4 Recap

Originally broadcast 15th January 2013, Challenge TV

We open with a recap of events to date. Next up we are are the TNA HQ ofices in Nashville to find out what the next challenge is from Dixie.  Dixie tells the contestants she will be taking them on a tour of the office then having lunch with them as she wants to get to know them all better. The Blossom twins are getting an added treat they are getting their hair done by a famous haidresser to the stars, Maria Smoot whoever she may be.

We join the girls on their makeover, with the twins saying how important a Knockouts look can be. We also see footage of the Twins working at their day jobs back in England, they are teaching assisstants. The boys turn up and Marty is looking forward to seeing a made over Hannah

Back in the Limo and they pick up Dixie on route to Lunch at the Palm Resteraunt in Nashville, which Dixie says is awesome. They toast the competition with everyone drinking red Wine bar Spud who is on the Beer. They discuss the moment the contestants appeared on camera at BFG and Dixie shows them the footge. Dixie chastises Marty for appearing on camera chewing gum. She tells the girls they need to do better. She says Spud made the biggest impression but he neeeds to refine his style a little. Dixie says she is seeing people differently now than she had in the past which Spud assumes means him. We see them doing the toursist thing round Nashville, looks a nice place. We find out the contestants are attending James Storm's BFG victory party in Nashville that night. We see them partying with James Storm who is getting them all nice and drunk. Break

We are back and the contestants are watching the Bobby Roode/James Storm match from BFG with Storm himself. The match looks very physical, I did'nt see the match at the time, a bloodbath even and the contestants look on in awe. We see the thumbtacks being poured onto the mat by Roode, and then his bump off the 2nd turnbuckle into them. The contestants look suitably impressed , with Spud commenting "this is insane". Storm tells the camera "you have to have heart" Back to the drinking now, and Storm tells the camera it will be tough for the twins as TNA's knockouts roster is very strong. Storm seems to like both of the guys and says Spud  is a lot like him.

Still in the bar and it's mechanical bull riding next, Jeremy Borash is present and the guys cut drunken slurry promos before mounting the bull. Marty is up first and lasts between 2 and 3 seconds, to be fair though it does'nt look easy. Spud is up next and Marty introduces him on JB's mic, Spud lasts no longer than Marty. Girls are next, and the camerman does the girls no favours with his positioning, and both last next to no time.

Back to the Limo, and the Twins look like they are starting to feel the pace. Marty and Hannah finally start making out, which makes for painful viewing for Holly. Spud is having a gargling shot contest with Storm, a graphic comes up saying '5 minutes later' and we see footage of Spud stripping off on the bar then being thrown out by the bouncers much to marty's delight.

Next up the contestants are at Ohio Valley Wrestling. Dixie explains OVW is a training ground, and they will be meeting Al Snow and Doug Williams. Al grills Spud a little, then Marty. Al does'nt seem overly impressed, but he is deliberatly giving them a hard time to see who wants it, as he tells the camera. Doug tells the boys the run the ropes in a criss cross to get used to the size of the much bigger, than they're used to, ring. Al doesnt like to way the guys work the ropes, or the girls for that matter. He is working them hard. We see a clip for next week which will see Al and Doug giving the contestants a serious in-ring workout.

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