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By Mike Johnson on 2013-01-17 12:03:48
As you can imagine, El Generico has finished up with Dragon Gate USA. The promotion was aware his WWE signing was likely happening and used him in his last appearances to build Samuray del Sol as both as a partner and an opponent.

The Young Bucks are now in full time with DGUSA starting with next weekend's California events and will be getting a huge push.

Brian Kendrick will be wrestling next week, although the company is not advertising him as so. DGUSA recently endorsed his wrestling school in California.

No plans for a Low Ki return currently due to his Japanese schedule.

Some small changes to how the promotion will handle iPPV costs. They were hit with some enhancement costs at the start of the year (I'm guessing this has to do with the planned Roku channel) so the price the day of the show will be raised. The price will remain reduced for pre-orders, so if you plan to watch one of the shows coming up, pre-order is your way to go.

The 1/26 and 1/27 events from Huntington Park, CA will be iPPVs. The 1/25 event with John Morrison vs. Akira Tozawa is still not confirmed as an iPPV due to potential Internet connection issues. If they cannot stream it live, the show will be edited live as if they are broadcasting and then uploaded to stream within 24-48 hours.

We are told that tickets for the DGUSA and EVOLVE events are selling well ahead of where they were at this point last year, so if you want good seats, don't delay.

The promotion will be running a seminar/tryout on 1/26. For details, email help@DGUSA.TV.

Here's the trailer for the new EVOLVE 12: Fox vs. Callihan DVD, which is now shipping at featuring AR Fox vs. Sami Callihan in the first ever Evolution's End, El Generico vs. Ricochet, Fit Finlay vs. Jon Davis, Low Ki vs. Jigsaw, Johnny Gargano & Samuray Del Sol vs. Chuck Taylor & Silas Young so it's a loaded lineup:

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