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By Mike Johnson on 2013-01-17 12:04:25
We noted a few months back that WWE was holding an open casting for new women. I am told that there will be some auditions in major markets for what sounds like a new version of the Diva Search, which the company has been wanting to bring back for some time. The original casting back in October was looking for The breakdown stated that WWE was looking for "women aged 18-30 with charismatic personalities, beautiful faces and great bodies." No in-ring requirements were mentioned and a description for the position noted that WWE Divas "gain a huge fan base, travel the world and appear on television in 600 million homes worldwide."

WWE is planning a lot of production upgrades in the next few months leading into Wrestlemania 29, including the latest state of the art high definition cameras replacing the current equipment the company uses.

There's been some talk of the company toying with 3-D technology in the near future as well. In the past, they have discussed doing a 3-D Wrestlemania broadcast through Fathom Events, but negotiations never resulted in a deal.

Mick Foley will be performing his stand-up comedy show this weekend in Iowa. Tonight, he will be in Burlington. He will be in Cedar Rapids on Friday and Saturday. For complete details, visit

Ken sent the following.....WWE announced the VIP tickets that you guys noted on the site earlier this week. I went on Ticketmaster to look at what the prices would be for the Providence, RI, house show on Saturday, 3/16. Let's just say it's not comparable to TNA's VIP-type package in price! The Superstar VIP package (where you get a ringside seat, the meet-and-greet, photo with the WWE title, and a limited edition chair will run you $599. The Enhanced VIP package (with a center-ring lower-bowl seat but none of the other extras in the Superstar VIP that aren't common to both) will cost you $249. The highest-cost regular ticket is about $110.

Steve Austin's Redneck Island has been renewed for a third season. They are casting now at No college degree needed.

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