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By Mike Johnson on 2013-01-17 11:19:49
It was announced yesterday that The Rock's new action film "Hercules", based on the graphic novel Hercules: The Thracian Wars would be released on 8/8/14.

The film, which will be directed by Brett Ratner, will begin production shortly.

The synopsis of the film: "Fourteen-hundred years ago, a tormented soul walked the Earth that was neither man nor god. Hercules, powerful son of the god king Zeus, received nothing but suffering his entire life. After twelve arduous labors and the loss of his family, this dark, world-weary soul turned his back on the gods, finding his only solace in bloody battle. Over the years he warmed to the company of six similar souls, their only bond being their love of fighting and the presence of death. These men and woman never question where, why, or whom they go to fight; only how much they will be paid. Knowing this, the King of Thrace has hired these mercenaries to train his men to become the greatest army of all time. Hercules begins to question King Cotys' motives when he takes his army out to battle and sees them practice on innocent men, women, and children of their neighbors. Deep in his soul something stirs, but is it enough to stop a mad king and his army of the damned from marching across Greece - or even Olympus itself?!"

Rock, already in the midst of a pretty full time schedule with WWE, will be shooting Hercules and promoting a number of films that will be coming out this year - Snitch (2/22), G.I. Joe 2 n (3/29), Pain and Gain (4/26), and Fast & Furious Six (5/24) - over the next few months.

On top of all that, Rock noted he's begun work on a second autobiography as well.

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