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By Mike Johnson on 2013-01-17 10:47:18
Tommy Dreamer was at Bully Ray's bachelor party in New York City last night at Rick's Cabaret, so my gut feeling is that he'll be at Impact tonight for the wedding. Maybe he'll end up being the best man. There were no TNA cameras present last night but I was told footage was indeed shot last night and there were a ton of photographers there as well.

Beyond tonight's live taping, TNA will film Impact Wrestling tomorrow (1/24 air date) in Orlando. If anyone is going to either taping this week, we are seeking live notes and results.

Jeremy Borash is the guest on the latest edition of Colt Cabana's Art of Wrestling podcast at

There will be a King Mo special on Spike tonight at midnight. Spike shot footage of him at OVW a few months back for this special, which is promoting his debut for Bellator MMA.

As part of the OVW 700th episode, TNA sent videos of Hulk Hogan, Sting, Tara, Kurt Angle and Ken Anderson sending along congratulations putting over the promotion. They will all air on the new episode when it debuts on later today.

Brooke Hogan was interviewed by Newsday to promote the big wrestling angle at this link.

The WAR promotion in Lima, Ohio announced they are putting Al Snow in their company Hall of Fame this weekend. Snow is originally from Lima.

TNA released the following press release as they will allow fans to vote online as to who gets the upcoming Gutcheck challenges on Impact. Hopefully this goes better than when they asked fans to vote for who should get TNA title shots - fans overwhelmingly picked Desmond Wolfe and then TNA squashed him in four minutes. In some ways, Wolfe was the original Zack Ryder. Anyway, this sounds like a really good idea and let's hope it leads to some fun appearances for the Gutcheck concept:


TNA IMPACT WRESTLING is launching The TNA Gut Check Challenge, creating an interactive experience by letting fans decide the one previous “TNA Gut Check” participant who is most deserving of appearing on IMPACT WRESTLING’s “TNA Gut Check” segment on Spike TV.

First Round voting will begin Saturday morning at will host the TNA Gut Check Challenge with fans interacting to decide the ultimate winner. A tournament format will be open to past participants in the “Gut Check” seminars with videos, short bios and more. This format will give fans a direct impact on who wins the Gut Check Challenge. Fans will learn about the different participants and ultimately choose their favorite to advance.

The tournament will be staged in rounds with fans voting to decide who will advance in each round until the final matchup – and winner - is ultimately decided.

In the spring of 2012, IMPACT WRESTLING brought “TNA Gut Check” to Spike TV. This competition sees an aspiring wrestler get a chance to tell their story, have a match and be evaluated with the ultimate goal of earning an IMPACT WRESTLING roster contract. Alex Silva, Taeler Hendrix, Sam Shaw, Wes Brisco, Christian York, Crimson and Jesse Sorensen have all passed their “TNA Gut Check” to earn a spot on the Impact Roster. Now the competition is getting even bigger.

The judging panel (Sr. VP of Talent Relations Bruce Prichard, Sr. Director of Talent Relations Al Snow, and former Two-Time World Champion Taz) will evaluate wrestlers’ performance and give their final verdict on IMPACT. Fans are asked to answer this one simple question: Which participant is most deserving of appearing on the “TNA Gut Check” segment on Impact Wrestling?

For more information on the TNA Gut Check seminars, visit

Follow The TNA Gut Check Challenge on Twitter with others fans at #GutCheckChallenge

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