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By Mike Johnson on 2013-01-17 10:35:53

Extreme Rising today announced plans to run a 13 week TV series in the Philadelphia/New Jersey/Delaware market and has launched an fundraising drive to help the promotion raise $16,000 needed for purchasing the timeslot.

On the page, the promotion explained why they were raising the funds and what they would be used for:

"To make 13 weeks of TV includes time and money that we don’t currently have available, but the proper funding will allow us to quickly switch gears into television production mode. We have roughly 20 hours of footage from matches, to promos, already recorded. We will also have to grab a few promos to finish/continue some storylines. Our costs include editing and production, voiceovers (all footage being re-voiced for TV to give concise calls and to drive the character development and storyline home), hard drives, closed captioning, incidentals expenditures like travel, and other post-production expenses. We’ll also need to fund the production of our perks for backers including producing/shipping the DVDs and fulfilling all the other perks we offer. There are fees taken out by, as well as business expenses/legal, paying taxes, and so on. We are sure you understand the idea. This is a large project, we live it and love it, but we need the fans help." is similar to Kickstarter in that fans who donate receive rewards and if the fundraising does not meet it's goals, no money is received by the promotion.

For more details and to check out donation rewards, click here.

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