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By Mike Johnson on 2013-01-16 10:13:27
We missed this over the weekend, but WWE developmental talent TAC (Brandon Carter) was also released on Friday. Carter was a former offensive tackle for Texas Tech University who came into the developmental system as a long-time wrestling fan.

The release wasn't a surprise among those I spoke to today as he had used Twitter for a number of outbursts a few months back, including noting that he wasn't scared of being fired, unlike everyone else that was "playing it safe".

In one comment in November that was later deleted from Twitter, Carter wrote, "Not one person in developmental or #wwe have the accolades that I do, yet they act like they are deserved something. #wwe you deserve more! Same generic cookie cutter wrestlers. ONE speaks out and he's a REVOLUTION starter? Change is coming! #wwe you deserve it! #TAC REVOLUTION."

Several days later, the Twitter account went silent, but not before similar messages were sent to John Cena and other WWE personalities.

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