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By Mike Johnson on 2013-01-15 08:47:02

Ring of Honor announced the following today:

There are many faces to Ring of Honor: the pure wrestling, the high flying exhibitions, and state of the art tag team wrestling. Yet there is one face that, well infrequently seen, looms just as tall.  It is a bloody face, one scarred by chairs, tables, and ladders, one born in the fires of what the legendary Mick Foley dubbed "The Ring of Hardcore"!

This 2-Disc, 19 match collection highlights the darker side of ROH, the brutal and unforgiving side where Homicide & Steve Corino collided in a Barbed Wire Match, where a battle of The Second City Saints & The Prophecy resulted in a chair riot, and where the Ladder War was christened with the blood of Kevin Steen, El Generico, and The Briscoes.  Colt Cabana, Samoa Joe, Jimmy Jacobs, BJ Whitmer, and Jerry Lynn have all made their pilgrimage to this land where the body is pushed to its limit, its tolerance for pain is truly tested, and all wear a crimson mask.  Yes, this is ROH, but this isn't Ring of Honor.  This is the Ring of Hardcore....

Disc 1
1. Da Hit Squad vs. The Carnage Crew (Boston Massacre Match)...Honor Invades Boston 8/24/02
2. Homicide vs. Steve Corino (Barbed Wire Match)...War of the Wire 11/29/03
3. Samoa Joe vs. Jay Briscoe (ROH World Title Steel Cage Match)...At Our Best 3/13/04
4. The Carnage Crew vs. Special K (Scramble Cage II)...At Our Best 3/13/04
5. CM Punk & Ace Steel vs. Dan Maff & BJ Whitmer (Chicago Street Fight)...Death Before Dishonor II Pt. 2 7/24/04
6. BJ Whitmer & Dan Maff vs. The Carnage Crew (Boston Street Fight)...Weekend of Thunder Night 1 11/5/04
7. The Carnage Crew vs. Dan Maff & BJ Whitmer (Fight Without Honor)...Final Battle 2004 12/26/04
8. Homicide vs. Colt Cabana (Chicago Street Fight)...Better Than Our Best 4/1/06
9. Team ROH vs. Team CZW (Cage of Death)...Death Before Dishonor IV 7/15/06
Disc 2
10. BJ Whitmer vs. The Necro Butcher (Barbed Wire Match)...War of the Wire II 7/28/06
11. Homicide vs. Adam Pearce (Steel Cage Match)...Chicago Spectacular Night 2 12/9/06
12. BJ Whitmer vs. Jimmy Jacobs (Last Man Standing Match)...Battle of the Icons 1/27/07
13.. Roderick Strong, Rocky Romero, Davey Richards, & Matt Sydal defeated Austin Aries, Delirious, Erick Stevens, & Matt Cross (Philadelphia Street Fight)...Death Before Dishonor V Night 2 8/11/07
14. Jay & Mark Briscoe vs. Kevin Steen & El Generico (Ladder War)...Man Up 9/15/07
15. Jay & Mark Briscoe vs. The Necro Butcher & Joey Matthews (Street Fight)...Take No Prisoners 3/16/08
16. The Necro Butcher vs. Jimmy Jacobs (No DQ Match)...Take No Prisoners 2009 4/4/09
17. Kenny King vs. Jerry Lynn (No DQ Match)...From The Ashes 3/26/10
18. Kevin Steen & Steve Corino vs. El Generico & Colt Cabana (Steel Cage Match)...ROH on HDNet Episode 80
19. Jay & Mark Briscoe vs. The All Night Express (Ladder War III)...Death Before Dishonor IX 9/17/11


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