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By Mike Johnson on 2013-01-14 15:46:05
Santino Marella commented on his neck issues via Twitter, writing, "My neck IS in fact tweaked, not sure how bad MRI in a few mins, hoping it's just severe inflammation causing the pain, fingers crossed!"

WWE AXXESS for Wrestlemania weekend goes on sale 1/26. Tickets this year will be $45 or $135 VIP. VIP will include...

*Autograph and a professional photo with a VIP WWE Superstar
*Exclusive backstage experience to see what happens behind the scenes at Monday Night Raw.
*Professional photo on the Raw ramp
*Entrance to VIP standing area next to the Main Ring

There are plans to have several different rings with different matches and events going on at the same time this year. This will be the first AXXESS held inside an Arena.

Chris Jericho appeared on the podcast, which you can check out at this link. Thanks to Gregory Davis.

WWE will return to Bridgeport, CT on 3/15 at the Webster Bank Arena. There will be a pre-sale using code WWECENA starting the morning of 1/16.

The Steve Austin/Dolph Lundren film "The Package" will be released on DVD and Blu-Ray on 2/19.

I saw the preview for "Dead Man Down" over the weekend before "Zero Dark Thirty" and it far and away was the best trailer for any WWE Studios film ever.

Jon Bell at has a ticket for this Friday's WWE event in LA he needs to sell if anyone is interested. Email Jon for more details.

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