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By Mike Johnson on 2013-01-14 10:15:25
Santino Marella suffered a neck injury over the weekend in Texas and was pulled from the rest of the tour as a precautionary measure. Jamie Noble substituted for him on the remaining shows.

WWE is thrilled with the Hall of Fame ticket sales. The feeling is that the event will sell out well in advance and that it being held from Madison Square Garden for the first time will greatly help the aura of the event.

For those who missed it, WWE released Trent Baretta and developmental Diva Skyler Moon late Friday. The company didn't even acknowledge the departure of Baretta, just quietly deleting his profile from their website.

Tyson Kidd will be out 10-12 months with a bad knee injury, as he suffered a torn ACL and a fractured kneecap late last month during the holiday house show loop.

Here was the great CM Punk and Paul Heyman promo from inside Sun-Life Stadium in Miami, which aired on Friday's Smackdown:


WWE will be taping Smackdown and Main Event tomorrow in San Antonio, Texas. If anyone is going to the show, we are seeking spoiler reports.

Former WWE developmental Diva Shaul Guerrero was at the house shows this past weekend as she came with her mother, Vickie.

Going on sale on 1/19 will be tickets for a 3/8 Raw house show in Colorado Springs, CO and 3/9 Raw house show in Broomfield, CO.

Here is this week's WWE Download with Dolph Ziggler:


Here is the 50th edition of WWE's Are You Serious?

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