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By Dave Scherer on 2013-01-15 09:59:00

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Why on earth does WWE put spoilers up on their website?

Joey Styles, who works in the web department for WWE, was asked on his Twitter account if it was take traffic away from sites like this one and he said yes.  Personally, I don't think that should be their focus.  They should be protecting their product and not spoiling it for their viewers in my opinion.

Does the sky fall in WWE if Rock fails a Wellness test? Is he even subject to testing?

Well, that would certainly be a major problem for WWE, no doubt.  I haven't heard if he is subjected to testing but it is entirely possible that his contract is not a standard wrestler deal and thus he would not be subject to it.  At the end of the day, it's a program that WWE voluntarily put in place.  They have flexibility within those parameters.

As I was looking back on the whole Aces and Eights story and Bully Ray especially. I take you back to NO SURRENDER when Jeff Hardy was attacked and it seemed he was injured. We all remember him going on later that night to win in supercena fashion to Bully Ray. Now tell me if this is stupid when I say things should have gone down another way. How you ask? I was thinking Bully was the leader of A&E (Aces and Eights) and had Hardy taken out. Bully wins the match later in the evening and becomes the challenger at BFG...Now of course Bully Ray would not have been revealed as the leader until BFG but if it had gone down this way I think the A&E story would be more interesting and Bully Ray would be in a much more predominant role in TNA rather than being paired up with Brooke Hogan who makes Crackhead Claire seem like a modern day Madusa. I think TNA really dropped the ball with that one and maybe they did not want to go the obvious route but sometimes in the wrestling world the obvious route is the best possible way to go. Input on any of it?

Personally, I agree that the current storyline with Hogan is stupid and that Bully was a natural choice for the leader of the Aces.  I was thinking the same way you were then.  Then they went in the current direction. With that said, I still think he may end up being the leader.  The whole storyline seems like a set up for him to screw over Hulk Hogan to me.

In your opinion who is the better talker, Punk or Rock?

They are so different in their presentation that it is hard to compare them.  Rock entertains you, then gets serious.  Punk is serious from the beginning.  They are both really, really good at what they do. 

What do you think of CM Punk escaping the Royal Rumble with the title? Care to indulge me as I play armchair booker for a minute or two? Punk beats The Rock (through sly & underhanded tactics, of course) and goes on to brag about how nobody can stop him. Undertaker takes personal offense to this via a series of flickering lights, crashing thunder and lightning, etc. Flash forward to the Elimination Chamber, where the Rock gets his heat back and pins Punk for the strap (with interference from 'Taker and maybe even Cena - the former due to Punk's disrespect and the latter to ensure that Rock is champion at Wrestlemania so that he can avenge last year's loss and get the championship, to boot). Punk is obviously going to be enraged, but he can't get his rightful rematch yet since the Rumble and Chamber winners are next in line, so he sets his sights on 'Taker for costing him his title loss and to get the respect that ending The Streak will surely earn him. It adds a bit of much needed "realism" to WWE: for one, Rock doesn't defeat the "longest reigning champion of the modern era" right out of the gate after what has essentially been 1.5 matches in nine years. He instead gets to chase the title a little longer (always good for a face) and eventually headlines Wrestlemania as champion. On the other end of the spectrum, Punk gets to brag about beating Rocky ("he may be The Great One, but I'M The Best In The World"), keeps the belt a little longer and can complain that it took 5, 6 or even 7 guys to beat him. It also gives a reason as to why Punk doesn't get an immediate rematch, takes him out of the title hunt for a bit (while keeping him high profile) and lends some heat and validity to his new (albeit what will obviously be brief due to 'Taker's part time status). As a side note, I realize that Punk has zero chance of coming out the victor of said feud, but at least he can go into it looking strong and maybe even come out looking stronger, depending upon the work rate and booking. As for The Rock? He faces Cena at 'Mania, which I think was WWE's plan all along when they originally announced their first match all the way back in 2011. They can keep the match-up fresh by having Cena sit out of the Elimination Chamber match, since there is no real reason for him to have to compete due to the fact that he will almost definitely win the Rumble, thus earning the title match at 'Mania. Rock goes on to do the job to Cena at 'Mania (which will also keep THAT feud at 1-1) and then rides off into the sunset until he decides to return again. There are a lot of different scenarios and factors (Heyman? Lesnar? The Shield? Face turns? Heel turns? Injuries?) that can come post-Wrestlemania, but at the center of it all should be Cena and Punk feuding over the strap again. And with that, I have just pretty much written the next six months of WWE TV...which isn't exactly anything to brag about. It's not rocket science, it's professional wrestling! I think that any fan of the genre could come up with the above. It's not the freshest of ideas, but it takes the central players (who WWE can't seem to loop past), keeps them on top and puts a little twist to their same old storylines. Look out Gerwitz! Thoughts? Opinions? Banishment from PWInsider for a grown man who has no professional ties to professional wrestling for putting THIS much thought, time and energy into what amount to fan fiction? Regardless, thank you for all that you do and saying almost everything that I want to say...if only people would listen to me!

I don't like the idea of Taker being involved with costing Punk since it goes against what his character here.  But if they are going to go with Cena-Rock and Taker-Punk, I do like the idea of them blocking Punk from using his rematch clause and him feeling screwed and ranting about how there isn't a suitable Mania opponent now for a legend like him, and that brings Taker to the fore.

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