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By Dave Scherer on 2013-01-14 09:59:00

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TNA has cut their PPV schedule back (at least their live events).  Do you see WWE doing something similar, especially given their propensity for copying TNA lately?

Not any time soon, no.  In WWE's case, their PPVs are profitable.  In TNA's case, they are saving money by not incurring the costs of doing the shows live.  Satellite uplink costs to broadcast a live PPV are very expensive.  If TNA gets 10,000 buys for a show, which in some cases would be more than they actually get according to people in the PPV business, they get about $14 per show.  That doesn't cover the cost of doing the PPV.  So TNA may not make more money per se but by losing less they come out ahead.

With all signs pointing towards the Rock winning the WWE title and Cena winning the Rumble match to set up Rock- Cena 2 at Wrestlemania, where does that leave CM Punk? Who would be the ideal opponent for him at WM? Would they make it a 3 way match or maybe a match against the Undertaker? A match against anybody else would seem like a big step down for a guy who had the title for over a year. Your thoughts?

The word making the rounds is that Punk would take on Undertaker.  Hopefully, Vince McMahon listened to the promo that Punk did last week and he will realize that unlike with John Cena, the Rock won't have to dumb his stuff down so that Punk can hang with him on the mic.  At this point, I think the best way that they could book it is have Punk retain, leading to The Rock entering the Rumble early, winning after going a long time and then getting the rematch at WrestleMania.

Is is safe to say that the 3 man band is similar to the job squad from the original ECW?

Well, 3MB makes more money probably but yep, they are certainly the job squad!

Do you think CM Punk will end his career with a retirement speech like Shawn Michael's or Ric Flair (sort of) or do you think he will go out as a heel and tell the fans to basically f off or something to that extent and leave. Then save the real speech for the HOF.

It is too soon to say.  It depends on how long he stays around and what he is doing at the time he hangs up the boots.

Why did the The Rock lose his glasses? I figured they were part of what actually made The Rock, hell I don't ever remember watching a promo before the RAW of his 2011 return when he used them in just about everything , only used in posters and out of ring promos now. Odd question of not so much importance but.. what gives?

I think it's just part of the evolution of his character.  Back in the day, he was a wrestler.  Now he is a movie star that wrestles.  If he wears glasses, it puts the emphasis on his other career.  He wants to put it on his in-ring work.

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