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By Dave Scherer on 2013-01-13 09:59:00

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I am wondering if you have heard of superstars being upset backstage with Rock coming back and (rumored) getting the belt! If I were a wrestler that sticks it out day in and day out I would be upset that someone who left the business to pursue movies (and not wanted to be associated by my wrestling name) came back and immediately got a belt! It seems that WWE does not care about the abuse their performers put themselves through for them!!

So far, no I haven't.  Frankly, I think people need to understand that Rock is a star and has earned the right to work a limited schedule, especially when he brings people back to the product when he appears.  WWE needs him far more than he needs them.  Plus, he didn't get the title when he came back last year.  Also, he has committed to work most of the first quarter of the year for the company so if people have problems with him getting a push, they should be mad at Vince McMahon for the way he pushes them.  It's not Rock's fault.

Hi love your site! Do you believe bringing back King of the Ring as a major PPV would benefit WWE? They could insist the World or WWE champion defend his belt in the one night tournament which could easily be used as a machine to create multiple story lines and maybe a star or two? I would love to hear your thoughts thanks.

They already have something similar with Money In The Back and they haven't made good use of it lately.  I think King of The Ring as a concept is dated.  A crown, cape and scepter is a little dated for me.

What's the deal with Christopher Daniels? In my eyes he gained so much momentum by finally beating AJ Styles clean and so decisively for the first time in 10 years! (in TNA singles matches). Coming off that match with all that momentum... Nothing is going on! He has some promos with Kaz that are sometimes interrupted by James Storm and sometimes by TexMex but the general feeling is that TNA has nothing for him in plan. I was sure that with this momentum he's gonna challenge for the world title eventually winning it sometime before BFG so he'll have to face AJ again (assuming TNA stays on course with AJ's winning the BFGS which seems like the obvious route). Now it just looks like he's spiraling down the card now and no one deserves it less than him.

They aren't going to make him the TNA champ but he has a great spot in TNA.  He and Kaz are given ample time to get their characters over.  Not everyone can be in the mix for the Title.  Daniels overall is in a good spot for TNA.

Why is it that WWE currently does not have or use performers who utilize technical skills? All I see now are brawlers versus technical moves?

It is a directive that comes from the top of the company.  Part of the issue is that they are trying to minimize injuries, which is understandable.  The rest of it is that the boss doesn't think technical matches are entertaining enough to the viewers.  You know, the same guy that thinks we want to see Mae Young give birth to Hornswoggle.

Is there any reason why Jeff Hardy (world champ) isn't doing the UK TNA tour were there will be 4 weeks of TV taped?

My guess it will have to do with his North Carolina arrest.  He is probably not allowed to leave the country.

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