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By Mike Johnson on 2013-01-12 10:00:00
I'm fine with the idea of TNA largely going to pre-taped PPVs if it helps them stay afloat, but is it smart to tape them several months in advance of air-date, like the two shows this weekend? WCW Disney tapings, anyone?

As long as they don't have the champions defending and losing the belts "out of order" of the natural storylines, I don't have an issue with taping one-off unique shows in advance. If the storylines of the shows are self-contained and based around wrestling, there is no harm in it at all, in my opinion.

Also, I'm not really sure how this move financially benefits the company. The announced price of the taped events is substantially lower than they've always charged for the live ones, so even eliminating the cost of the live feed, how do they expect to increase profit margin?

They are eliminating a lot of costs. They are taping a lot the same day. No live editing, no satellite costs, etc. They will be saving several hundred thousand dollars per PPV. Considering the company doesn't release figures, we can't say for sure how much better this will help them vs. cheaper PPVs, but you need to take this into account - they never intended these to be PPVs. The PPVs were going to be killed and the programming was being taped for international markets where the three hours of programming needed to be filled. These shows only became PPVs domestically because Spike didn't want to air them, so rather than not have them in their home market, the company placed them cheaply on PPV. Whatever they get will be more than they would if they didn't air at all.

TNA officials recently accused WWE of stealing the concept of GutCheck for themselves. On Raw during the Divas title match between champion Eve Torres and Kaitlyn, Torres was seen sitting on the top turnbuckle smiling and waveing her right hand the same way as TNA Knockout star Madison Rayne has been doing for some months now. All that was missing was a tiara on her head. Coincidence?

Probably not. There is a lot on WWE that is TNA influenced right now.

Why were the Bad Breed called Terry Funk's Few Good Men in ECW?

It was a play off the film "A Few Good Men", which was the top movie in America for a bit just a year or so before.

I don't get it. You report El Generico is signed by WWE and everyone else parrots you. Then, you correct your report and note he hasn't been signed yet as he has to do medical testing and everyone parrots you on that. Does it bother you to see that and does it ever make you want to post fake news to out those that steal from you?

I don't know what to make of it, since I don't read any other websites. I feel that once you start reading other sites and other people's opinions, you are wasting time that can be used to make phone calls, source stories, etc. I'd rather not know what else is going out there, because it probably would get annoying. As far as fake news, absolutely not. It would probably prove who steals what but to post fake garbage would be an extreme insult to our readership and I'd never do anything to hurt that relationship we have with them.

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