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By Mike Johnson on 2013-01-11 17:00:24
Mark Briscoe invaded PWInsiderTV during an interview with Joel and Will Maximo discussing their Fighting Spirit Wrestling taking part in National Pro Wrestling Day and more:

The Maximos will be running seminars with Samoa Joe and Little Guido on 1/19 at their Ludus Wrestling School in Brooklyn, NY. For more on the school, click here.

Speaking of National Pro Wrestling Day, we are happy to announce that CTWE, Battlewar, Metro Pro Wrestling and St. Louis Anarchy will be sending representatives to compete in the NPWD event we are sponsoring, the Rey de Voladores tournament.

The evening NPWD event has added Latvian Proud Oak & Estonian ThunderFrog vs. The Devastation Corporation (Max Smashmaster & Blaster McMassive), presented by Wrestling Is Awesome. For more details, visit

Hurricane and Tony Atlas will be signing at the Wrestling Universe store in Queens, NY on 1/20 in Queens. Owner Jac Sabboth has announced that he has, again, shut down his ICW independent promotion, which should mean it's back up and running in 2-4 months.

With the city of Memphis having approved renovations to be made to the Liberty Bowl to bring it into compliance with the Americans with Diabilities act, it was noted in a Memphis Daily News article that some news about the Mid-South Coliseum will be made "very soon." There's been a long standing fear that the venue, which was the centerpiece of the Memphis wrestling territory, will eventually be torn down instead of being renovated to be brought into compliance with the Act. The venue, which was opened in 1963, closed in 2006. Efforts by promoter Cory Maclin to run one final event there, headlined by Jerry Lawler vs. Hulk Hogan, failed and that event was eventually moved to the Fedex Forum, although Lawler ended up replaced by Big Show.

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