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By Danny F on 2013-01-11 08:43:28

Originally Broadcast 8th January 2013, Challenge TV

Show opens with a recap of events to date, and then we join the contestants getting ready to fly 13 hours from London to Phoenix, Az. It's early morning but Spud hits the bar at the airport for a "Breakfast of Champions" - A Jaggermeister. We find out they are headed to the Hall of Fame ceremony where they will sit with a TNA star.

At the Airport in Phoenix Spuds' handle on his bag snaps and he throws a tantrum in the airport, much to Marty's amusement. We join the contestants at the Bound for Glory TNA Fanfest where we see RVD and Kurt Angle mingling with fans. The contestants are discussing meeting the fans and who on the roster they are looking forward to meeting, when Christy Hemme introduces herself. They all introduce themselves to her, and Spud tells her that Marty has a picture of her up on his wall - it comes off as a little awkward. Christy heads off.

Next the four are introduced by Jeremy Borash onstage to the fans in attendance, Spud is up 1st and he tells the audience he is the most dominant British wrestler and will be the same in America - however he must be panicking as he rushes his promo so much that I can barely tell what he is saying and I can cope with his pretty thick accent, I would be amazed if the live crowd picked up 20% of what he said. Blossom's are next and they put themselves over a little, and the mostly male crowd give them a nice little pop. Marty cuts a solid promo saying he's here for the X-Division. The crowd get photos with the contestants, well just the Blossom Twins which irks Spud. A girl is then next who blows off Spud to get a Photo with Marty. This show is 70/30 reality/work. A guy in a Hulkamania T-Shirt eventually gets his photo with Spud.

At the Hall of Fame ceremony now and Marty is hitting on Hannah Blossom who sits with him, both her and Holly are looking fantastic, TNA wrestlers start filing out and sitting on the fan tables so the contestants are wondering who they will get. It's Kurt Angle, who I've seen looking trimmer. Hogan explains he wanted them to get the rub off a main event guy. The contestants are delighted with Marty saying he "Shat himslef" when he heard Kurts name. They share a few jokes with Kurt and then they start trading the TNA action cards that are on each table. Kurt puts the contestants over saying they all seemed respectful, which is important, and seem to be able to interact with a crowd which they will also need.

We see some of Sting's induction speech on stage with Dixie, and Hogan putting Sting over backstage. Then we Dixie approaching the contestants, she introduces herself to the boys and has already met the twins. She then introduces them to Sting, which is way cool, and Hogan is there too. As Marty puts it "Holy Shit". Hogan has a little conversation with them, as Sting looks on, and tells them main thing is to "stay safe", sound advice. Sting tells them longevity is the key. All of the contestants are a little star struck, understandably. Dixie stays and tells them what a big opportunity they all have. Dixie tells them Mr. Hogan will be helping her choose the winner.

After the break and the contestants are at a photo shoot, with the boys winding each other up and Spud having another little tantrum. The meet Borash backstage and BFG who tells them that Dixie wants to them in her dressing room attending Bound for Glory and Dixie tells them they will be front row and will be shown on camera during the PPV. Dixie's assistant Hayley is going to take them to meet a few people and get them seated.

The contestants all comment on the sheer scale of the production backstage which is way bigger than 5-10 people backstage at the shows they usually work. The Arena also amazes them. They do a little video segment of the 4 contestants walking down the ramp which looks cool.

We see footage of BFG, and footage of the contestants in the front row. They get the nod they will be featured on camera during the Knockouts match, and all are nervous. We see them on camera as Taz tells the home audience who they are, they guys try to put themseves over and the girls smile and look sweet, Borash puts over the show on commentary.

Next up is Nashville, TN. Spuds bag is still broken. Borash picks them up at the airport in a Limo. Borash tells them to be themselves when they see Dixie. They arrive at TNA headquarters to meet with Dixie. But we will see that next week.

Good episode, some A-List names tonight, and despite the obviously worked elements of the show it still seems like a competition. Only one episode this week, so episode 4 next week.


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