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By Mike Johnson on 2013-01-11 10:00:00
Is it true Malia Hosaka retired?


Ugh. I just watched a guy who was the best heel in the business a few months ago destroy his persona, become a cornball & propose marriage to a woman 16 years younger than him in a. Is this entire storyline Hulk Hogan's way of thrusting his talentless daughter & himself into the "top spot" in TNA? And is there anything good that can come from this storyline, regardless of what happens at next week's "wedding"? Couldn't TNA at least have done this with someone closer to her age?

Obviously, they are not going to end up married. It's just setting up whatever the angle is that goes down during next week's wedding. I don't have an issue with the age difference between the two. As far as anything good coming out of this, that all depends on where the angle goes.

It doesn't make me want to scratch my head why TNA released both Knockout stars Rosita and Sarita. It causes me to shake my head in disbelief. Why would they let go two very lovely but outstanding female wrestlers? Please don't tell me they didn't have anything for them to do. With Velvet Sky back can you imagine Sarita vs Velvet Sky? That would have been awesome. Maybe what WWE has is spreading. What do you think?

It's probably just financial cutbacks. I wouldn't be shocked to see them used down the line for appearances but the company is obviously focusing on a smaller core of talents and these two, sadly, just weren't part of that strategy.

When did Molly Holly (Nora Greenwald) make her first appearance on Raw?

November 6, 2000.

Instead of asking Where's Waldo? How about this: Where's Brock Lesnar?

When you least expect it, Brock is going to burst through your front door and choke you unconscious for daring to ask this question. Try to sleep at night knowing that at any moment, he could burst in and beat every inch of manhood and dignity out of you. Sweet dreams!

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