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By Mike Johnson on 2013-01-10 17:14:16
As broke last year, TNA planned to reduce PPVs down from their usual 12 live broadcasts a year. Well, TNA has cut their 2013 PPV schedule even more drastically than initially planned.

Going forward, the company will produce only four live PPVs in 2013:

Genesis in January, airing this Saturday 1/13
Lockdown on 3/10
Slammiversary on 6/9
Bound for Glory in October on 10/13

The remaining months, the company will instead produce taped PPVs that will be titled under the "TNA:One Night Only" banner, airing on the first Friday evening of the month before and replaying over the remainder of the. Those shows will remain three hours.

In a press release just issued, TNA President Dixie Carter commented, "The Pay-Per-View industry has changed so much in the last decade. The traditional Pay-Per-View wrestling model needed to evolve and we believe this strategy will positively impact not only the Pay-Per-View events but the weekly television programming as well." is working to confirm whether there will be any pricing changes on the PPVs going forward. TNA's press release did not specify any changes.

The company will also produce six "Unfinished Business" PPV specials focusing on older TNA feuds.

TNA will tape their first "One Night Only" PPV specials this Saturday. The first, airing on 4/5 will be X-Division themed. The second will feature a Joker's Wild Tag Team tournament theme and will air 5/3.

The final decision on the PPV plans were made just days ago. Originally the three hour specials were designed for international markets that would lose PPVs. Spike did not come on board to air the three hour specials domestically and earlier this week, the company was mulling over different options on how to roll out that material to fans. wants to know what you think of the changes? Head on over to and let us know!

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