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By Leon Peters on 2013-01-09 09:35:09
With all of the talk of the upcoming 20th anniversary of Raw, WWE has overlooked a much more important anniversary.

January 7th, was the 60th anniversary of the Capitol Wrestling Corporation.

According to the WWE Encyclopedia, Vince McMahon Sr. promoted his first wrestling event under the Capitol banner on January 7, 1953.

Now I understand how WWE likes to say that they were officially created a decade later in January 1963 when they broke away from the NWA, but the truth is all they did was just change the name of the promotion. Nothing else changed as far as company management, stockholders, the roster, champions, booked arenas, TV timeslots, staff, etc. They were still the sam exact company.

The only thing that actually changed was the name from Capitol Wrestling to the World Wide Wrestling Federation, similar to how they changed their name again in March 1979 from the WWWF to the WWF and again in May 2002 when they changed their name from the WWF to WWE.

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