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By Mike Johnson on 2013-01-09 09:32:55 is happy to announce our latest contest, open to everyone who subscribes to our new Youtube channel at!

In the latest edition of PWInsiderTV, former ECW and ROH champion Jerry Lynn reflects on being given a special career achievement award by Ring of Honor following his final bout for the company:

Monday's PWInsiderTV featured Matt Hardy discussing the big OMEGA reunion "Chinlock for Chuck" benefit event in Durham, North Carolina on January 15th, injuries suffered at the Extreme Rising iPPV, rebuilding his life and career over 2012, how he feels going into 2013, what he needs to do for himself, why he believes the business needs to have an off-season on the national level, the mentality of wrestlers working hurt that needs to change, getting the chance to actually enjoy life for the first time, his personal health, why WWE doesn't even need to sign wrestlers to full-time deals anymore, bringing in guest star talents for big shows, how talents get bored doing the same thing weekly, wrestlers he's been excited to work on the independents, work he's done on a future autobiography, projects he'd like to do with Jeff Hardy, changes in Jeff's life over the last few years and much more!

We will be picking one (1) winner at random, who will receive a copy of the WWE '13 videogame for PS3, a copy of Booker T's autobiography, A copy of Jimmy Snuka's autobiography and TWO random wrestling DVDs from our prize box! The prize may grow as well. When we hit a certain number of subscribers, we will pull the winner!

Over our debut week, we stocked up on content to provide you with a showcase of what to expect from PWInsiderTV going forward featuring WWE Hall of Famer Bret Hart, Tommy Dreamer, Jerry Lynn, Homicide, Bulldozer Matt Tremont and the first installment of well, you'll just have to check it out to see...

You can watch week one's videos below:

We thank everyone for their support, comments and suggestions as we continue to improve and iron out this new PWInsider feature - enjoy PWInsiderTV!

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