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By Mike Johnson on 2013-01-07 12:06:04
Extreme Rising announced today that their Wrestlemania weekend events in Staten Island, NY will feature free beer for anyone over 21.

The events are being held in the Warriors of Wrestling warehouse, a very small intimate place with only 250 tickets sold.

The promotion has already announced they will be doing a fan balloting that night to set up the matches on the shows. That's a gimmick that All Japan Pro Wrestling used to do annually at the start of the year to kick things off with a different feel.

Announced for the Extreme Rising events that weekend in Philadelphia, PA and NYC are Extreme Rising champ Stevie Richards, Super Crazy, Damien 666, Pesadilla, Bestia 666, Hijo De Rey Misterio, Sabu, Luke Hawx, Blue Meanie, Devon Storm, Papadon, Façade, Balls Mahoney and Jerry Lynn, who will be working as a guest referee.

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