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By Mike Johnson on 2013-01-07 08:55:55
Joey Ryan has been added to the 3/2 debut of the Hardcore Roadtrip promotion in London, Ontario Canada. The storyline the promotion is pushing is that Ryan has been challenging the "Extreme Roster."

The 3/2 event will be a full fledged series of events kicking off with a morning fanfest, an afternoon card featuring the opening rounds of a tournament to crown the HRT champion and an evening card crowning that champion as well as featuring a barbed wire match.

A number of talents from the original ECW have been booked, as well as Canadian independent talents, Scott Steiner and Petey Williams, among others.

Already announced:

*Sabu vs. 2 Cold Scorpio in a reprisal from their classic feud for the ECW World TV championship.

*Kevin Sullivan vs. a mystery opponent in a Texas Death Match.

*HRT Title Tournament: CW Anderson vs. Blue Meanie.

*HRT Title Tournament: Big Vito vs. Stevie Richards.

*HRT Title Tournament: Axl Rotten vs. Angel.

*HRT Title Tournament: Jason Knight vs. Gary Wolfe.

*Balls Mahoney vs. Warpath in a Staple Gun Match.

*Scott Steiner "shoot interview"

*Lingerie Pillow Fight hosted by Joel Gertner and Missy Hyatt.

*Also appearing are Raven, Tod Gordon, Sandman and Bill Alfonso.

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