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By Mike Johnson on 2013-01-07 09:01:12
Unlike last year's build to Wrestlemania, Dwayne Johnson will be with WWE pretty much full-time as a TV character as he will be appearing at pretty much every TV taping and PPV leading into Wrestlemania 29 in April in New Jersey.

Last year, there were a number of WWE talents who quietly griped that Johnson's return did nothing for anyone but himself since he was never around except to promote his own storyline with John Cena leading into Wrestlemania 28.

Well, this year, no one can accuse Johnson of anything for an insane work ethic. Despite having 4-5 movies opening this year, Johnson's WWE schedule (and this is just for appearances and doesn't include travel dates, promotional work, etc) is....

1/7 Raw in Tampa, FL
1/8 Smackdown in Miami, FL
1/15 Raw 20th Anniversary in Houston, Texas
1/21 Raw in San Jose, CA
1/22 Smackdown in Sacramento, CA
1/27 WWE Royal Rumble in Phoenix, Arizona
1/28 Raw in Las Vegas
2/11 Raw in Nashville, TN
2/12 Smackdown in Little Rock, Arkansas
2/17 WWE Elimination Chamber PPV in New Orleans
2/18 Raw in Lafayette, Louisiana

There will be additional dates added as well.

So, um, cue the complaining Johnson doesn't work house shows, perhaps?

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