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By Mike Johnson on 2013-01-07 09:15:56
A cartoon version of John Cena will temporarily replace Fred Flintstone on cereal boxes for Fruity Pebbles, it was announced over the weekend in an article on

Cena will be featured on the boxes during several times campaigns, including Wrestlemania season and in the Fall of 2013 during a "back to school" promotion. There are plans to do special contests as part of the partnership as well.

The Cena appearance is rare as it places him front and center of the marketing for the cereal, as opposed to animated icon Fred Flintstone. Bam Bam Rubble will appear on the box with Cena.

The deal is the biggest for WWE since toning down their product to a homogenized, family friendly PG tone in 2008, according to the article.

While the article noted that the "Fruity Pebbles" nickname came from Dwayne Johnson using it as a knock on Cena, it was noted that WWE took the criticism and used it as a way to work with GLAAD and other groups.

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