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By Derick Jackson on 2013-01-06 21:59:32
Brodus Clay (with the Funkadactyls) and Zack Ryder defeated Leo Kruger from NXT and Jack Swagger. Afterwards, they brought kids into the ring to dance.

Alex Riley defeated JTG. Both guys really played to the crowd.

Eve defeated Kaitlyn in a Divas Title match. Scott Armstrong was the night's lucky recipient of the "divas roll over the ref" spot.

Team Hell No defeated The Shield by DQ when Roman Reigns used a chair on Ryback while Ryback had Dean Ambrose up for Shell Shock. The faces hit their finishing moves after the match.


Santino defeated Tensai. The crowd was hot for this match and Tensai played to the crowd a lot which I wasn't expecting.

Antonio Cesaro defeated The Miz in a No DQ match for the US Title. A kendo stick and chairs were used during the match. A table was teased during the match several times but wasn't used until after the match when Miz slammed Cesaro through it for the payoff.

John Cena defeated Dolph Ziggler (accompanied by AJ Lee and Big E Langston). AJ and Big E were sent to the back, but came back out when Scott Armstrong took the ref bump. Cena wins with an Attitude Adjustment on Ziggler after Cena thwarts AJ's interference by kissing her.

Chris Hero, PAC, and another wrestler who I didn't recognize came out and sat in the crowd after intermission.

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