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By Dave Scherer on 2013-01-08 09:59:00

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What do you think are the chances of Cena costing The Rock the Title at the Rumble to set up there next match.  I think it could happen as The Rock cost Cena his title match.

Given that most of the word we have heard is that Rock will win the belt at the Rumble, I think the chances are pretty small. 

Love the site. With the success of the recent DVD releases such as Edge & CM Punk actually sitting down and talking from the heart about their time in the business, do you think there is any chance of the Undertaker doing the same? As much of a legend, & as respected as he is, I would love to hear his thoughts on some topics and matches. Maybe even have him pick what matches HE thinks are his best. Or would his character prevent something like that happening?

I would love to hear it too.  I remember he did a shoot interview with Off The Record in Canada years ago (and it was on YouTube).  So, there is a chance at least.  I would love to see it.  He is a private guy, but once his career is finally over, I hope he realizes how many fans he has that would love to see a look behind the character.

One always hears the wrestlers say "no one is bigger than the business..." as if that has been drilled into them - to keep egos in check. But in reality, doesn't VKM think he is bigger than the business? How else would one explain all the botched angles, pushes of unlikable superstars and conversely, de-pushing many others? Obviously he is making decisions based on something other than what the audience wants to see, i.e. his personal agenda - which means he feels he is bigger than the business and wholly in control of it.

Well, Vince is bigger than the business since in most ways, he IS the business.  With that said, I honestly believe his decisions are based on him thinking he is putting out the best product that he can.  I think that the problem is that he doesn't understand how the world has changed and he is sort of becoming like the Verne Gagnes of the past, pushing antiquated concepts instead of changing with society.

I have never been so ashamed to be a pro wrestling fan as I have been in the last week (12/24 - 12/31). I don't expect wrestling to be realistic, just possible. But in the past 2 weeks, we have had Santa Claus being hit by a car going about 3 miles an hour, and being revived courtesy of a heart monitor playing jingle bells. The following week, we had an 89 year old woman who discovers that she is pregnant just minuets before giving birth to and adult Irish dwarf wearing a diaper. Again, I only expect wrestling to be possible, but it obviously isn't possible for Santa Claus to be hit by a car, because he doesn't really exist, and no heart monitor has ever played jingle bells. It is also not possible for an 89 old woman to be pregnant, much less with an adult dwarf. I guess my question is why is WWE doing this? Do they think their audience has the mentality of an 8 year old?

Again, blame Vince.  He thinks that stuff is funny.  I am sure some kids do too.  But yes sir, it certainly alienates the people that have an IQ over 60.

With WWE coming to an agreement with the WWF on the scratch logo, do you think there's any chance of WWE re-releasing their anthology sets for the big four PPVs, without the blurring? By this, I mean the specific volumes that contained PPVs from the Attitude Era. You would hope that they had production versions of these DVDs before any blurring/editing was done to them?

It would all depend on how many people would want to buy second copies just to see the footage without the blurred logo.  Personally, I don't see there being that many people wanting to spend again just for that difference but I could be wrong.

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