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By Mike Johnson on 2013-01-06 09:25:00

Devin Cutting sent along a link to a blurb in the Philadelphia City Paper publication noting that in the last week, there were rumors of wrestling and boxing returning to the former ECW Arena, which held its last live events about a year ago.

Those rumors have been floating since the day it closed, but the reality is that currently, the venue is completely ripped out to the bare walls, so the ECW Arena/Asylum Arena as anyone knew it physically does not exist anymore, except for the actual structure. Everything from the stages to the Eagle's Nest balconies to the bathrooms have been ripped out and removed.

The rumors began as there have been issues with Joanna Pang, who took over the lease last year, for some time.

In asking around this morning with sources connected to the building, there have been no wrestling shows booked into the venue as of this writing and the venue would actually need to finish construction and repairs (which stopped some time ago) before the former venue could be utilized as a n events facility going forward.

So, there's nothing to the story....yet.

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