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By Dave Scherer on 2013-01-06 09:59:00

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Do you think the end of the brand extension is a big reason WWE is having trouble creating the next wave of top stars? As much as I enjoy guys like Antonio Cesaro and Dolph Ziggler, I don't want to see them work 2 or 3 times a week any more than I'd want to watch my favorite sitcom or drama show that often. Clearly, WWE recognizes overexposure as a problem, since they protect their two top draws in Cena and Punk by only having them appear on one show a week (and the same show, at that). A conspiracy theorist would say there's a concerted effort being made to prevent anyone else from climbing to the top.

I think it's just the opposite.  I think that since WWE has had such problems creating new stars that it hurt the brand extension.

What do you think the chances are of a Rock heel turn? I know it sounds far fetched but here me out. Aren’t the Rock and Roman Reigns related? I think they should have the Rock be the one behind The Shield. It could be like when Hogan turned out to be the surprise leader of the nWo. The Rock wanted to keep the belt on Punk because he wanted to be the one to end Punk’s streak at the Rumble. He hired Brad Maddox, and then he got The Shield to make sure Punk didn’t lose. This could all be revealed when The Shield attack Punk to help Rock win the belt. And then Dave’s idea could go into play and have Punk be a surprised entrant into the Rumble and defy the odds to win the match, immediately making him a face. I’d then have Cena win the World Title in the Chamber and have Dolph immediately cash in. Rock/Punk and Cena/Ziggler as the title matches for Mania. Works for me.

I think it would be next to impossible to turn the Rock.  Much like when they tried it with Steve Austin, people just don't want to The Rock.  I don't see Rock needing The Shield either.  Hogan needed the nWo because he star was fading.  Rock isn't in that position.

I remember when Brock first signed with WWE it was reported he had 40 dates in his contract over a one-year period. That was about 8 months ago and by my reckoning hes used a max of 20 of those dates. So even if he appears on every RAW between now and Mania that's still only about 13 dates. Longwinded I know, but what's going on with Brock's deal?

You are off by 10 dates.  The contract was 30.

With all the talk about Hulk Hogan's comment about wanting a run with the TNA Title, I thought about something: Isn't there actually a very nice storyline they could go with ? Hogan, the veteran, the legend, his body broken after decades of fighting desiring one more time on the top. Then, when he finally gets the chance they could indeed go the Rocky Balboa way and let him come this close to winning but ultimately fall to the reigning champion which could give the champ a big rub as Hogan still has a huge name and give the Hulkster a wonderful story on his way out of the ring. What do you think ?

That would be the only acceptable way that they could book Hogan in a TNA Title program in my opinion.  I think if they actually let him be champion, at his age, it just hurts the company.

I saw the promotional poster for Elimination Chamber and noticed that Ryback was with Big Show and Sheamus on the bottom part of the poster instead of being on the top of the poster like The Rock, John Cena and CM Punk are. Does this mean Ryback will start going after the World heavyweight championship instead of the WWE Championship or is this just an poorly designed poster?

 I don't think it is either.  I think that they put the three most recognizable names on the top of the poster.

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