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By Mike Johnson on 2013-01-05 10:00:00 has an interview up with Kevin Nash recounting the infamous "Fingerpoke of Doom". Nash basically says fans are just upset because they got tricked and that incident had nothing to do with the demise of WCW. So, is there anyone in wrestling more delusional than Kevin Nash? He seems more disconnected from reality than even Hulk Hogan and Kurt Angle.

The reality is that after that angle, WCW lost a ton of ground. It may not have been the nail in the coffin of the company but for anyone to deny it eroded their ratings terribly is certainly putting their head in the sand. It didn't kill the company, but certainly, it damaged it. Nash is right about the stock price leading to AOL Time Warner selling the company, but the reality is that had it not been damaged so badly by so many factors, including bloated talent contracts, terrible creative and erosion of ratings, someone would have been interested in buying it and perhaps even WWE might have been able to make a go with a relaunch of the brand. The selling of the company didn't kill it off completely - the stench of all the awful things over the last few years terribly overpowered all the good that proceeded it. Nash chooses not to be accountable for that, but you can't expect someone who says all the time that he does thing to get a reaction from fans online as a way to pop himself to ever be legitimately truthful in public. Did he kill the company with the fingerpoke? No, but he did hurt it.

I'm just watching Smackdown...with all these superstars from the there any (good) reason why WWE is mixing both major brands since a couple of years? I mean I (and I think it wasn't only me) really liked those battles between the brands. It's just a guess, but wouldn't it be better for the TV-ratings if WWE would build Smackdown back up to what it was some years ago with some big names in it, major storylines and a real split between both brands? And wouldn't the PPV-buys increase if there were some RAW vs. Smackdown matches? What's your thought?

If WWE felt confident that they had the talent to do all those things, they would do it. The reality is that internally, they feel the only draws they have working full-time are CM Punk and John Cena. Everyone else is a huge step down, especially when placed on the Smackdown side of things. So, instead, they have mixed the brands and killed the extension in all buy theory.

How is it that TNA can use a blatant copy of the nWo theme song for Hogan, and sample the ECW theme in Miss Tessmacher's theme song?

As long as enough of the chords are changed to dignify that it's an original composition, they are legally within their rights to use a knock-off of the original song it's derived from.

For as long as I can remember the late Randy "Macho Man" Savage had this very deep and powerful voice. Did he always have that? In other words did he always talk like that even behind closed doors? I know when we reach a certain age our voice eventually changes. I can't believe his sounded like that when it happened to him.

Randy Savage's actual voice was very gruff and since he was a pretty intense person, that was pretty much his actual voice.

There was once talk of a WWE Hall of Fame or something of that nature being built somewhere in Florida. Was that wishful thinking or is there a chance of such a project possibly becoming reality?

They are absolutely interested in doing it, but whether it actually happens or not, we will see. The last location I heard was Orlando with the deal being part of a larger deal that would include Wrestlemania returning to the city. We shall see.

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