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By Mike Johnson on 2013-01-04 12:44:00
WWE champ CM Punk was at developmental yesterday in Florida working off ring rust.

WWE sources noted that Tommy Dreamer was at WWE HQ in Stamford, CT yesterday. I don't know whether to read into that or not as he lives in the area and has been a regular visitor there since he left the company, but he was just on Raw as well. So, stay tuned. Dreamer has said he has planned for three House of Hardcore events this year. If you haven't seen the first show, it's worth checking out at, especially the Tony Nese vs. Alex Reynolds bout.

Dreamer discussed his WWE return, HOH and more with PWInsiderTV earlier this week:

WWE NXT will hold its first taping of the year on 1/10 at Full Sail University with Shawn Michaels appearing in a non-wrestling role.

Tickets will go on sale on 1/11 to the 3/9 Smackdown house show in La Crosse, WI, and the 2/23 Smackdown house show in Waco, TX,

The first-ever Tensai and Damien Sandow action figures will be released as part of Mattel's WWE Series 28 set, which will also feature R-Truth, Sin Cara, Heath Slater and Rey Mysterio. You can pre-order the set now from our friends at and use code PWInsider for 10% off your order.

WWE Hall of Famer Sgt. Slaughter will appear at the MDA Fundraiser at the Chelsea Piers in NYC on 1/10.

Hurricane Helms and WWE Hall of Famer Tony Atlas will appear at the Wrestling Universe in Queens, NY on 1/20 from 11 AM-1 PM. For details, visit

The 2012 WWE TLC PPV will be released on DVD on 1/15. Unfortunately, there is no Blu-Ray release for that show, which is a shame, since it was excellent.

Additional upcoming DVD releases:

1/29 - The Best of Raw and Smackdown 2012 (DVD and Blu)
2/12 - Best of WCW Monday Nitro Volume 2 (DVD and Blu)
2/26 2013 Royal Rumble (DVD and Blu) 3/19 2013 Elimination Chamber (DVD only)

Victoria Taber, who was in the cast of the debut season of Tough Enough on MTV (the season won by Maven and Nidia) has written an E-Book about the experience under the title "I Am Not Tough Enough (Oh, The Places I Have Been"). It was actually released in October 2012 but we just became aware of it.

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