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By Mike Johnson on 2013-01-04 10:00:00
Knowing that WWE has shied away from using well-known songs by popular artists for entrance themes (with a few rare exceptions) due to the licensing expenses involved, how then was a small promotion like ECW able to afford it back in the day on their shoestring budget?

There were a few ways they did it. Sometimes, they made barter deals for music in exchange for plugs, as they did with Def Jam Records. Sometimes, they reached out and licensed the song, which they did with an Elvis song they used for Christmas once. Sometimes, they used a loophole where they played the music live in the venue and not through their sound board and sometimes, well, they were under the radar and just got away with it!

I only know what I read, so I'm unsure of the context in which it was said, but do you think Hulk Hogan's recent comments about planning to go for the TNA World Title this year were legit, or was he just working a mark reporter in an effort to promote the product? I only ask because it seems pretty clear that the current Bully Ray/Brooke storyline is heading toward Brooke turning heel on her father, and I fear that it all ends with the Hulkster lacing up the boots again, brother.

I am hoping it's the latter, but you never know. The idea of Hogan being Rocky Balboa and getting back in the ring isn't a bad idea, but the idea of Hogan with a title run certainly is.

Whatever happened to Fir Finley? He just stopped working indies right around the time Mike reported he signed to return with WWE and then Finley denied it, so what gives?

He did indeed return to WWE. I am guessing he denied it because he was afraid the news getting out so quickly (we reported it the same day he was asked to return) would get blamed on him. He finished out his indy commitments and then went back to his Producer duties.

With the prospect of WWE possibly restructuring the Divas/Womens Division why not split it into two seperate entities? One featuring those with no wrestling skills and turn them into managers, girlfriends or public relation represenatives. The others are those composed of legitimate and promising wrestling stars such as Natalya Neidhart, Eve Torres, Tamina and Kaitlyn. Two divisions. A Divas division. A Womens Wrestling Division. WWE should either bring more women up from FCW or attempt to sign other women wrestling stars. Opinion?

I think it's time to let the women be secondary personalities. They don't have enough women to make a true division, nor do they show they want to have one in the way the current women are used, so let it go.

With the return of Velvet Sky, does this mean Angelina Love is returning to TNA?

Velvet's return has no bearing on the return of Love.

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