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By Danny F. on 2013-01-04 09:36:54

Episode 1

Originally broadcast January 1st 2013 - 10pm Challenge TV

Show opens with a video package of classic English wrestlers like Big Daddy and Giant Haystacks (Loch Ness in WCW) then moves onto Hogan and Dixie talking about looking for talent from the UK saying the idea was a no brainer and the winner would receive a TNA contract.

We move onto a Fan-Fest where the four contestants are unveiled to the crowd. First from Cambridge is Marty Scurll, Magnus' best friend, we see some footage of him in action and an interview with him, looks like he can talk, looks maybe 6 foot at a push. Next up is a 10 year veteran of European wrestling - Rockstar Spud, from Birmingham a 29 year old, looks like a heel less than 6 foot and doesn't like a badass. Same interview and footage style as before, looks to me like he may be a heel or maybe I just don't like him, Magnus put's him over, then Spud flips the camera off and gives a really arrogant "better than all you at home" promo, I could see crowds in England hating this guy. Finally from Manchester it's the Blossom Twins, Hannah and Holly. We see footage of them at home with their family, and some footage of them in action. They look very, very similar but have different styles going on but dress them the same and they would be hard to pick apart. We see the girls giving an interview saying how much they want to win.

We then move onto Dixie addressing the contestants, via Video, saying the journey starts tomorrow and will finish in the impact Zone. Dixie then says we will find out soon who the British Wrestling Legend who will put them to the test is.

After the Break back to the fanfest and Scurll and Spud cutting promos on each other, Spud makes reference to a dating TV show Scurll had been on trying to get a girlfriend, Scurll calls spud a Wanker for wearing sunglasses indoors. The camera's interview Spud who says there is History between the pair. The contestants then go out in a Limo celebrating, with Spud piling straight into the Booze and Scurll flirting with the girls. Spud is singing now and getting hammered in the Limo, and he and Scurll are arguing. They go out in London and quickly the girls split up on there own after arguing with both the Guys. Were left with Spud and Scurll bitching at each other to each other and seperatly to the cameras. They all set off home in the Limo and the arguing starts again about who has the most Twitter followers, They both look like Dicks here. Spud tells Marty if the girls were not there he would smack him in the face, Scurll calls him on it and Spud punches him in the face, looks legit and nasty. We see promos from them both. We go back and they are out of the limo in London again with Scurll is still trying to push Spud's buttons, he is quite a bit bigger than him, and Spud shouting at him to Fuck off, Spud then storms off on his own and the others go back in the Limo. We see Spud knocking back the booze on his own. 2.30 m and Spud is still drinking.

7.30 am on Boot Camp day 1, girls up bright eyed bushy tailed, Marty in the Gym working out. 8.15 Spud is comatose on his Bed. Next the 4 contestants are outside an abandoned Warehouse to meet their trainer Rollerball Rocco. Mike Tenay and Hogan put Rocco over. Rocco introduces himself and says he wants to see them in the ring in 10 minutes. Spud is late, outside throwing up. Rocco finds him and starts chewing him out. End.

All in all, a promising start. Spud got most if the attention and redeemed himself in my eyes when he smacked Scurll but he may be out before he even gets started we will find out in episode 2.

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