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By Mike Johnson on 2013-01-03 00:28:34 is extremely excited to announce the debut of PWInsiderTV, our official You Tube channel, which will feature regular video updates including exclusive original interviews, rare and unique backstage footage and much more!

PWInsiderTV will feature updates several times a week with interviews from stars ranging from living legends to up and coming independent stars to documentary producers to promoters and beyond. We will also be bringing you raw, unique, off the cuff access in ways only PWInsider can provide!

Our latest installments are now online. In the first, Homicide runs in as we talk to Jerry Lynn several minutes after their match at Extreme Rising over the weekend, which was Lynn's farewell appearance in Philadelphia! In the second, Combat Zone Wrestling star "Bulldozer" Matt Tremont discusses what it's like to main event the CZW Cage of Death, what was going through his mind during the most insane bump in the match, his Extreme Rising debut, wrestling Homicide for the first time this weekend in New Jersey and more!

You can watch each video below:

We invite you to subscribe to PWInsiderTV at to learn immediately of the latest updates - everyone who subscribes to the Youtube channel will be automatically entered into a contest to win a copy of WWE '13 for PS3, Booker T's autobiography AND Jimmy Snuka's Autobiography!

You can view the entire Bret Hart edition of PWInsiderTV below:

Here is the DEBUT edition of PWInsiderTV featuring Tommy Dreamer!

We thank everyone for their support, comments and suggestions as we continue to improve and iron out this new PWInsider feature - enjoy PWInsiderTV!

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