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By Richard Trionfo on 2012-12-31 23:02:44
We are in Washington D.C. and your announcers are Michael ‘Wizard’ Cole and Jerry ‘Remember when Alex Ovechkin played in this building’ Lawler.

Miz comes to the stage for the Most Must See show in WWE history, MizTV. On the final Raw of 2012, it will be ‘must see’. Per Vickie Guerrero, it is a ‘Championships on the Line’ kind of night. It will be champions choice. All current champions get to decide their opponents.

Miz brings out his guest, and he is a ten time WWE Champion, he brings out John Cena.

John wishes everyone a Happy New Year.

Miz points out that John Cena was involved with AJ and they were the feel good story of 2012, until she pushed him off a ladder. Miz says that AJ said that John toyed with her emotions and used her.

Miz wants to know what John thinks of AJ. Cena says that it is over and he throws out a few ‘Reallys’.

Miz says that AJ and Dolph invited him to a New Year’s Eve Toast.

John says that he will attend. Maybe they can watch the ball drop, or someone drop.

Damien Sandow and Cody Rhodes come out and Damien says that T.S. Eliot once said that this is how the world ends, not with a bang, but with a whimper. Damien demands silence.

Cena does blustery speech and does his best Elihu Smails. He then says that it was Robert Griffin III who said, ‘You guys suck’.

Damien says that he has never heard of that man and he says that he did not ask for their opinion. He calls Miz a mouth breathing miscreant and then he demands silence while the crowd chants RGIII.

Miz chooses to spotlight this disgusting tabloid scandal.

Cena says that he agrees with Damien. Cena says that there is another issue that is facing us and growing out of proportion. Cena gets close to Cody’s mustache.

Cody says that John thinks he is so funny. He says that what sucked was when both Miz and Cena got laid out by Big E Langston and Dolph Ziggler.

Sandow says that they went from main eventing Wrestlemania to drowning in the shadow of the Rhodes Scholars.

Damien has a New Year’s Resolution and Cena wants to have a clean slate with Miz. Cena challenges Gandalf and Magnum P.I. for a match.

Match Number One: John Cena and Miz versus Cody Rhodes and Damien Sandow

Cena and Cody start things off and Cena with a shoulder tackle. Cena with a punch and he tags in Miz. Miz goes up top and he hits a double sledge from the turnbuckles. Cody tags in Sandow. Sandow with a side head lock take down. Sandow with a shoulder tackle and Miz with a flapjack. Sandow goes to the floor and Cody checks on him and we go to commercial.

We are back and Cena with an Irish whip and kick to Sandow followed by a suplex and a reverse chin lock. Sandow with elbows but Cena with a back body drop. Miz tags in and he works on Sandow’s back. Miz with a kick to the midsection. Sandow with a back elbow and clothesline. Cody tags in and he kicks Miz.

Miz with a back elbow and then he sends Cody into the turnbuckles and he punches Cody. Miz with a punch to the head and he gets a near fall. Cody with punches to Miz. Sandow tags back in and connects with a forearm to the back. He rubs Miz’ face in the mat and he kicks Miz in the ribs. Sandow with an elbow drop for a near fall. Sandow with the Elbow of Disdain and he tags Cody back in.

Cody with a head butt and then he stomps on the head. Cody with a rear chin lock. Cody punches Miz in the corner and Miz fights out of the corner but Cody puts Miz on the top rope and he kicks Miz in the abdomen. Sandow tags back in and gets a near fall. Miz with an inside cradle for a near fall.

Sandow keeps Miz from making the tag and Cody is tagged in. Cody with a kick and punch. Cody with a gourdbuster for a near fall. Cody with an arm bar. Cody sends Miz back to the mat and then he tags Sandow back in. Sandow with a kick and snap mare. Sandow with forearms across the chest and then an elbow drop to the head.

Rhodes tags in and he tags Cody back in and Cody kicks Miz. Cody with a kick but Miz pushes Cody away on a bulldog attempt and both men are down. Cena and Sandow tag in and Cena with two flying shoulder tackles followed by a Blue Thunder Bomb and he sets for the Five Knuckle Shuffle and hits it.

Cody with Beautiful Disaster to Cena. Miz with the Skull Crushing Finale on Cody. Sandow runs into an Attitude Adjustment when he misses a clothesline on Miz. Cena gets the three count.

Winners: Miz and John Cena

After the match, Miz and Cena celebrate in the ring.

There is a New Year’s Eve Party in the back and Otunga has his travel mug that matches his sweater. Otunga is looking forward to 2013. He says that it will be the Year of Otunga.

Vickie sees Dolph and he thanks Vickie for the invite. Dolph suggests to let bygones be bygones. Vickie tells Dolph and his girlfriend to enjoy their New Year’s Toast. Vickie says that Dolph has a match against Sheamus tonight.

We are back and on January 11, 1993, an era began with Raw. On January 14th, we will celebrate the 20th anniversary.

The party continues with Millions of Dollars Dances.

CM Punk is at the party and he says that the WWE Universe does not appreciate what he goes through. He says that some believe that the injury is not real. CM Punk says that he has his doctor from Chicago with him to explain what happened to his knee. Punk says that he wants to wrestle tonight.

Vickie asks Punk who he would have defended the title against. Punk says Ryback.

Vickie says that Ryback will wrestle tonight against . . .

CM Punk suggests The Shield but Vickie says that it would not be fair to have to face three men.

Vickie decides to make it a handicap match.

Punk wishes Vickie a Happy New Year and kisses Vickie.

Antonio Cesaro is in the ring. He points out that he is in the capital of the United States as your United States Champion. He says that he went to the Washington Monument, the Lincoln Memorial, and the Pentagon. Three things that he is the champion of. He ran into someone at the Pentagon with someone who is full of patriotism. Antonio selects a man who is the symbol of America itself.

Sergeant Slaughter comes to the ring.

Match Number Two: Sergeant Slaughter versus Antonio Cesaro for the United States Title

They lock up and Cesaro with a hammer lock and he pushes Slaughter. They lock up and Cesaro with a waist lock but Slaughter with a standing switch. Cesaro gets to the ropes and Slaughter with a slap to the back of the neck. Cesaro with a kick and head butt to the chin.

Cesaro with a reverse chin lock. Slaughter with punches but Cesaro with kicks. Slaughter locks in the Cobra Clutch but Cesaro gets to the ropes. Cesaro with a European uppercut to Slaughter followed by the Gotch Style Neutralizer for the three count.

Winner:Antonio Cesaro

After the match, Cesaro kicks Slaughter and sets for another Neutralizer and he hits it.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Kane and Daniel Bryan are angry because they wanted to face the Shield. Who can they fight? They hear singing on the other side of the curtain and it is the 3MB.

Slater says that they are trying to rehearse.

Kane and Bryan have their opponents.

Back to the party and Ricardo is getting a beverage. Big Show wishes Ricardo a Happy New Year in Spanish. Show asks Ricardo if he would like a chance at the World Title tonight. Show says that his choice is Ricardo. Ricardo drops his drink on Show’s boots and Ricardo cleans it up.

Kaitlyn brings Mae Young to the party and she is with all of the Divas.

Eve says that everyone is wondering who she is going to defend the title against. She says that she has beaten all of them . . . except Mae Young. She says that she will see Mae in the ring.

Match Number Three: Kane and Daniel Bryan versus Heath Slater and Drew McIntyre for the Tag Titles

Bryan and Slater start things off and Slater with an arm drag and he plays some air guitar in the ring. They lock up and Bryan with a side head lock and shoulder tackle. Bryan grabs the leg when Slater tries for a leap frog. Bryan sets for a surfboard and then he tags in Kane and Kane with a drop kick to Slater. Kane gets a near fall>

Drew makes the tag and he throws the bandana aside. Drew with a side head lock but Kane with a shoulder tackle. Kane with an Irish whip and uppercut. Bryan tags in and Bryan with a drop kick into the corner after being Irish whipped by Kane. Drew sends Bryan to the mat and then he stomps on the chest. Drew with a punch but Bryan with kicks after escaping a slam attempt.

Slater makes the blind tag and he pulls the ropes open and Bryan goes to the floor. Mahal with a high knee to the chest and Slater sends Bryan into the ring and gets a near fall. Slater with a reverse chin lock. Bryan with elbows but Slater with a knee and neck breaker for a near fall.

Both men go for cross body blocks and both men are down. Drew tags in and he keeps Bryan from making the tag for a moment but Kane tags in and he punches Drew and follows with a slam and leg drop. Kane with an Irish whip and clothesline into the corner. Drew with a boot but Kane with a side slam for a near fall.

Kane goes up top for the clothesline and he hits it. Kane signals for the choke slam but Slater tries to interfere and Slater is thrown over the top rope to the floor. Bryan with a knee to the head from the apron on Mahal. Drew tries for the Future Shock DDT but Kane counters with a choke slam. Bryan tags in and hits the diving head butt for the three count.

Winners: Daniel Bryan and Kane

After the match, Bryan wants to play some title belt guitar but Kane does not want to play.

CM Punk is in the back with Paul Heyman and his physician as we go to commercial.

We are back and we see highlights from the end of the opening tag match that saw John Cena and Miz face Damien Sandow and Cody Rhodes.

CM Punk makes his way to the ring with his crutches, Paul Heyman, and his physician.

As Punk makes his way to the ring, we see the footage of CM Punk when he suffered his knee injury four weeks ago.

Paul Heyman introduces himself and he says that it is his pleasure to everyone the man who has held the WWE Championship for each and every single solitary day of the calendar year 2012. For 407 days, your champion has been CM Punk.

Punk says that 2012 has been quite a year for him. Wrestling and besting people like Chris Jericho, Dolph Ziggler, Alberto Del Rio, Kane, John Cena, Ryback, and John Cena, he has accomplished a lot. Being champion for 407 days, it is a tough schedule. He has been rendered injured. Punk says that he has had his share of lacerations, contusions, chipped teeth, and broken bones.

If anyone in the crowd had suffered through a fraction of what he did, they would be in the fetal position crying for their mommies. Punk says that he is a Champion’s champion’s champion.

Punk says that some question the veracity of his injury. Some think that this is felonious. That is why Punk has brought his doctor from Chicago, Samuel De Cero.

His doctor says that to fully understand Punk’s injury . . .

Punk interrupts and demands that the people show some respect.

In order to understand the injury, one has to see what a healthy knee looks like. We see a comparison of a healthy knee and Punk’s knee. The knee is in an obvious state of duress. There is major swelling.

Punk says that despite this swelling, he has a match against Ryback. Punk says that he made a career out of beating people like Ryback. He can beat Ryback with one arm, one eye, or one leg. Punk says that he will continue to do what he has done for 407 days. He will prove that he is the Best in the World.

The doctor tells Punk that he cannot allow him to compete.

Punk says that he was told in the back that he could compete.

After further review, he cannot allow Punk to wrestle in good conscience.

Vince McMahon comes out and he does the McWalk to the ring. Vince wishes everyone a Happy New Year. Vince says that he wanted to see how Punk was going to weasel out of the match.

Paul reminds Vince that Punk has been champion for 407 days and CM Punk has never weaseled his way out of anything.

Vince says that in terms of evaluating his condition, WWE officials will evaluate Punk next week. If they deem that Punk is capable of wrestling, he will defend his title against Ryback in a TLC match.

Punk says that Vince thinks that he is guilty of all of the things that people are accusing him of. Punk says that Vince was unjustly prosecuted.

Vince says that he is not taking anything away from Punk. Vince wonders why Punk has been champion so long. Was there a deal between Punk and Brad Maddox? Was there a deal between Punk and The Shield?

Punk says that this hurts because Vince was unjustly prosecuted by this government. Punk says that he had nothing to with the Shield or Brad ‘Mad Docks’ Maddox.

Paul tells Vince that even Vince surprises him. Punk is the best in the world and everything that Vince wanted to promote. Punk is a hero. He is an injured hero. How dare Vince, in the same city that his father first promoted sports entertainment, force an injured hero into action. Vince has become a flesh peddling promoter.

Vince says that if WWE officials say that Punk cannot go next week, he will not wrestle. They will need an opponent for Ryback.

Heyman seems okay with Vince’s new edict. . . until Vince tells Paul that he would be facing Ryback.

We go to commercial.

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