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By Mary Briscoe on 2012-12-31 15:17:47
TNA ran Albany, NY last night and I had a ton of fun. Really fun show.

The pre-show Meet and greet was Morgan, Tara, Jesse, Samoa Joe, Chavo Guerreri and Hernandez. Austin Aries signed at merch table. Velvet Sky made it and did autographs for people that bought her action figure in the backstage area they did the meet and greet.

Christy Hemme was announcing.

The first match Jesse Godderz with Tara vs. Robbie E. They did a Bro off to start. Jesse went over with rollup and a handful of tights. After the match, they beat down E but it was broken up by Velvet Sky.

That led to Sky's match vs. Tara. Velvet won by pinfall after reversing a Widow's Peak into a roll-up.

They held a TNA Tag title match with Joey Ryan and Matt Morgan challenging Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez. Chavo and Hernandez went over after a frog splash on Joey.

Austin Aries vs. Bully Ray. Aries berated Albany and says only town in NY he likes is Xoxsakie. After a long match with lots of gaga, Bully went over after reversing a brainbuster into an Ace crusher.

They held an intermission with Earl's 10,0000 matches t-shirt plugged as for sale.

Doc and Devon vs. James storm and Samoa Joe. Devon and Joe bumped the ref and fight to the back. Another masked member of Aces and Eights came out and hit Storm with hammer. Doc pins Storm. Storm was laid out for a good five minutes after the bell.

The main event was the NTA championship match with Bobby Roode vs. Jeff Hardy. Hardy wins after the twist of fate.

Overall, a good show but it was a weird set up of two matches after intermission. They did a deal for twenty bucks after the show, your entire group could get a picture in the ring with Jeff Hardy.

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