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By Dave Scherer on 2013-01-02 09:59:00

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I'm a fan of Ryback and think he is improving more and more. The fans are starting to warm up to him. So do you think Ryback the character is going to be a top guy or a flash in the pan.

I honestly don't know.  He is at the point where it could go either way.  Some nights he gets a reaction, other times he really doesn't.  So it could go either way right now.

How about this for an idea: Rock defeats Punk for WWE Title, The Shield attacks Rock, Ziggler cashes in?

I hate it.  In one fell swoop, you made both Punk and Ziggler look weak and unable to win on their own.  I think the days of cashing in on a prone opponent should be over.  It's tired now.

Why on earth should The Rock ( a part timer at best ) beat the longest reigning champion of the common era ... he is one of my favorites ever but he just doesn't deserve it . Punk has carried the company for over year now . On to my thought ... The Rock is announced for the Jan. 7 Raw ... so what if he shows up to start the show , interrupting Vickie who is already I'm the ring ... nonchalantly makes fun of Vickie as he begins his Rock Schtick and she stands there fuming for a bit until she says " as managing supervisor I still run this show and since YOU ( The Rock ) are an active Superstar you're going to compete tonight in the main event in a match against ... RYBACK ... CROWD POPS, MUSIC HITS , MAJOR STAREDOWN ... instant rating boom for the Third hour ... now of course we can't have a clean finish but this is WWE , home of THE SHIELD so we have a few minutes of a match and who do we see making their way through the stands but , THE SHIELD. Ryback hits a MeatHook, Rock rolls out the ring Shield hit the ring makes quick work of RYBACK The rock rolls back in the ring quick Staredown with The Shield and then the shield walks away and we end the show with a baffled Jerry Lawler.

The Rock isn't coming back to work Ryback my man. The feud is with Punk.

I've been watching the best of Cactus Jack DVD set and I noticed where ECW was offering to do shows partnered with local organizations as fundraisers, and I have seen ROH advertise these same deals? What's the deal with that? Do the wrestling companies get tax breaks or credits for this? How is the money usually split up?

The standard way it works is that the promotion sells the show to the promotion for a set price.  The charity then makes any profit on the show, if there is one.

Just curious as to what has happened to Christian? Is he injured, or taking time off? How is Edge doing? hopefully all is well with Edge.

Christian is still rehabbing his shoulder injury.  Edge is doing well, away from the business.

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