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By Dave Scherer on 2013-01-01 09:59:00

First off, HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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Why did Vince McMahon support ECW with money and promotion when it seems like it wasn't in his best interest to support a potential rival?

Vince didn't see ECW as a rival because honestly, they weren't.  They were a mom and pop promotion, with no corporate backing (unfortunately).  There was no chance of ECW overtaking WCW.  Plus, at the time WCW was dominating the business and ECW helped get WWE a buzz when they "invaded" Raw.  In the end, he got all of ECW's footage so it worked out to be a good business move in that respect too.

You said in a prior q&a post that you are not sure of the reason they turned Del Rio face. I think the reason is that WWE plans call for Randy Orton to turn heel. Any thoughts?

 I think it's very possible Orton is going heel.  It kind of seems inevitable at this point.  But I still don't get why they turned Del Rio and the turn itself was really weak.  He is mad because The Shield abused Ricardo?  ADR does it all the time!

So if The Shield and Brad Maddox turn out to be working with Paul Heyman, do think we could see a "Heenan Family" type stable, where each member of the "Heyman Family" are associated with each other but never really tag or act like a proper stable such as Evolution. I think with Punk, Lesnar, Maddox, The Shield and 1 or two others, maybe Wade Barrett and Mark Henry, working under Heyman it could be a really great old skool stable

I think that could work.  I still would like to see The Shield work for themselves but if they have to be part of a group I hope it's just with top guys, like Punk and Lesnar.

Did you hear that the Hulkster wants a TNA title run, which would be a terrible idea. I doubt it will happen, but you never know. Only in TNA would this happen.

Since we reported it, yeah I heard about it.  I think it would be a terrible idea.  Putting the title on an almost sixty year old guy, even if it is Hogan, would devalue the title in my view.

After a WWE show at an arena, is there one person that always leaves the arena last in order to check and make sure that nothing is left behind like microphones or other equipment?

Each department has people to make sure that their respective areas of business are taken care of.

You can send us questions for the Q&A by clicking here.


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