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By Eric Sturrock on 2012-12-30 11:06:39

TNA Impact Live Event from Mid-Hudson Civic Center in Poughkeepsie, NY.

It was the smallest crowd I have ever seen at the Civic Center for a wrestling show. TNA usual sells out or nearly sells out the building but it was snowing ½ a foot of snow and the roads were very bad driving to Civic Center. It was about 60% full of the near 4,000 seat building. The Poughkeepsie area is a very wrestling friendly area almost always selling out or near selling out every wrestling show in the building (WWE, TNA, House of Hardcore, Northeast Wrestling). So I think either people bought tickets and did not show due to the snow or did not buy tickets last minute due to the snow.

Before the show at 2 pm Jeff Hardy & Tara were to sign autographs and pictures at the Poughkeepsie Galleria but Tara on twitter said her plane had mechanical problems and was delayed due to the weather. She said she would make it up to her fans with her match with Velvet Sky at the show, but Velvet Sky did not make it to the show. On her Twitter Velvet said while driving to the show in the heavy snow she lost control of her truck and spun off the road crashing into a ditch. She said she was ok but shaken up. The other two advertised but not showing were Rob Terry (who was in the UK) & Christopher Daniels.

Before the show, Jimmy Jay stood outside in the snow telling everyone about the Merch deals and what we were to do for those of us who bought $60 tickets. Jay said the autograph signing was going to be the most autographs at a show anyone ever got before. Jay said you could not get your picture with the talent. Atlas Security was working as Security with Ronnie & another guy.

Inside the building TNA had set up their merch stand in a different place they set it up inside the civic center instead of by the food in the hallway. On the opposite side was people signing autographs. It was Austin Aires, Hernandez, Chavo Guerrero, Tara, Jessie Godderz, & James Storm. Aires noted in the TNA guide book in his picture he was holding the smaller championship (X-Division title). Chavo was very nice as well like Aires talking to fans. Jessie said he’s not in the book so he signed the black front cover with a black marker. Later Jimmy Jay brought out Robbie E by himself and said people who bought Robbie’s sunglasses would be able to get him to stand up and take a posed picture with. Less people signing autographs as in previous years when there was over 10 people.

Christy Hemme started the show signing the national anthem by the entranceway. She then brought out a Country station DJ who tried to get the crowd going by throwing out his station’s shirts.

1st Match: Robbie E vs Jessie Godderz w/ Tara. Referee: Brian Stiffler. Robbie E said he wanted another dance battle but said bigger Rob was not here. Robbie danced. Tara said she had a brand new shirt and was going to give it to her biggest fan. She ran around the ring and then gave it to Jessie. As Jessie posed Robbie threw her shirt to the fans. Jessie worked Robbie over with a abdominal stretch while posing. As Robbie went for a pin Tara got up on the apron and distracted Stiffler. Robbie went over and smacked Tara on her butt, and Jessie then rolled Robbie up using the tights for the win. Jessie & Tara left as Robbie pled his case to Stiffler.

Hemme did her usual deal of saying she can tell we are a fun crowd. She then brought out Earl Hebner who did his usual Damn right I did deal with him trying to leave the ring but Atlas’s Ronnie having to hold him off.

2nd Match: Devon w/ Doc vs. James Storm. Referee Earl Hebner. Devon came out holding a baseball bat. Storm threw some of his beer towards Devon but instead it hit the other Atlas guard and some fans. The Atlas guard was soaked and looked a little upset but laughed it off. Storm said don’t we all know Doc from someplace else, and said didn't Doc lose it when someone rang a bell. Fans chanted Festus. Storm said Devon & Doc are taking their Sons Of Anarchy fandom a little too extreme. Storm said instead of Nomads on their back it should say No Nads. Devon more impressive then I have ever seen him really playing off the crowd and being very entertaining. Doc strikes Storm and Devon picks up the win in a quick match. Devon & Doc keep beating on Storm until Samoa Joe runs down to the ring chasing them away. Samoa says he wants a tag match right now.

3rd Match: Aces & Eights (Devon & Doc) vs Samoa Joe & James Storm. Referee Earl Hebner. Devon kept yelling at fans and staying out of the ring. Devon got on the mic and said the crowd was some of nastiest looking people he ever saw and him and Doc would leave if the crowd was not quiet. Samoa got back on the mic and told him to get in the ring. Samoa went after Doc with a tons and tons of punches and kicks putting Doc down in the corner. Samoa went after Devon but Doc attacked him from behind. Samoa & Devon double teamed Doc with a suplex. Storm grabbed Devon’s hand and moved it to her crotch. Samoa kept trying to get at Devon who would tag out when Samoa was in. Some fans in the front row were chanting “DaShawn” at Devon which caused Devon to stop what he was doing and say “What the hell are you saying??” Very funny. Devon asked the fans if they wanted tables. A lot of action going on in a long match. Storm hit the Last Call kick on Doc for the win. Aces & Eights left leaving Devon’s jacket behind. Samoa grabbed the jacket and rubbed himself with it. Storm there more of his beer in the air which landed on us in the front row. Devon came back wanting his jacket which Samoa threw on him.

4th Match: Austin Aires vs. Bully Ray. Referee Brian Stiffler. Aires had Stiffler hold the ropes open for him. Aires yelled at the fans. Some little old lady in a cowboy hat told Aires to come after her, which was funny. Aires joked with Hemme then took her microphone and put it in his pants. Aires talked about Brooke Hogan before the match. Aires and the little old lady traded words. Aires said that Bully is from NY and has a home in Coxsackie (Which Aires called Cocksucky). Bully said he is from NY and has wrestled inside the Civic Center for over 20 years. Bully said he could always get a table if the fans wanted it. Aires ran around the ring checking under all four corners which was very funny. Aires picked up a mic but it was dead, then another which was dead, then was going back and forth with two mics in each hand until the one turned on. Bully smacked Aires on the butt. Aires left. Bully told Aires to come back out so he could spank him again. Bully asked Hemme if she wanted to get in the ring to get spanked. Aires came running back out saying he wanted to watch. Hemme stood up and Aires got on the apron to open the ropes for her. Aires and Bully locked up and Aires smacked Bully on the butt. Aires went and laid down on the top rope and posed. Bully bent over and told Aires to smack him on the butt again. Aires did and hurt his hand. Bully picked him up and put Aires on the top rope. Bully told Aires to lay down on the top rope. Aires did and Bully smacked his butt. You could see Aires had Bully’s hand print on is rear end. Bully told Aires to do a test of strength which was funny as Bully kept moving his hand when Aires moved his. Aires did one handed push ups. Bully went over and climbed to the top rope and posed and waved at Aires. Aires tried running into Bully a few times but he did not move. Bully & Aires went to the outside. Bully held Aires and told Hemme to spank Aires. Hemme kicked Aires’s butt with her boot then smacked his butt. Aires gave Bully a neck breaker on the apron. Aires smacked his belly a few times and run into Bully in the corner two times. Bully jumped off the ropes but missed Aires. Aires grabbed Bully and told the little old lady to watch this but Bully revered it to hit a cutter for the win. Aires was funny after the match after Bully left Aires kicked out and told Stiffler it was only two, he then moved and put his foot on the rope and complained to Stiffler then moved to the other side of the ring and put his foot on the rope and complained. He then complained that Bully used the ropes and pulled his tights. This match was the best part of the show, very entertaining.

Hemme said we would take a short intermission and Earl Hebner would be selling his shirt and doing pics/autos at merch stand.

5th Match: Joey Ryan & Matt Morgan vs. Chavo Guerrero & Hernandez. TNA TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP TITLES MATCH. Referee Brian Stiffler. Ryan & Morgan missed their cue. Hemme introduced them and we waited and waited she introduced them three more times and 2 minutes later they came down to the ring. Morgan throughout the match told Ryan to calm down and cursed out the fans. Ryan was funny posing throughout the match. Morgan and Hernandez went back and forth running off the ropes trying to knock the other down. Hernandez held Ryan over his head for 1 minute. Chavo got the win with a frog splash off the top rope. Chavo got on the mic and said him and Eddie had a match right here in this ring, he corrected himself and said in this very building. Chavo got a Eddie chant going.

Hemme told it was that time of the night for the main event.

6th match: Bobby Roode vs. Jeff Hardy. TNA CHAMPIONSHIP TITLE MATCH. Referee Earl Hebner. Roode made a slow entrance standing around a bit. A lot of little kids and some adults went bonkers when Hardy came out running to the rail stepping on my feet. Hardy took a shirt out of his pants and Roode took it and threw it to the ground. Roode worked over Hardy’s hand on the stairs. Roode mimicked Hardy. Hardy hit a frog splash. Roode put Hardy in a crossface. Roode grabbed the two titles and ringside and put the Hardy theme title on the mat he held the TNA Title and Earl took it away. Roode struck Hardy with the other belt, but Hardy kicked out. Roode shoved down Hebner and Hebner shoved down Roode, then Hardy hit a twist of fate for the win. Hardy posed with his two titles in the ring. Jimmy Jay plugged fans could get in the ring and get their photo with him.

The Bully Ray/Aires and Aces/Samoa Storm matches were the most memorable of the night. Show ended a little after 9:30pm.

Here are my pictures from the show:

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