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By Mike Johnson on 2012-12-30 01:00:00

We are live at Extreme Rising in Philadelphia, PA at The National Guard Armory!

The official show title is "CARD SUBJECT TO CHANGE."  The live crowd booed that!

There looks to be about 1000 here so far.  There had a live band playing before the show.


Rough & Wild (Outlaw Matt Lancie & Hotshot Blake Wilder) vs. Rush Hour (Buku Dao & Bolt Bradley)

All four are students of Luke Hawx's Wildkat Wrestling Academy.

Wilder forced Dao into the corner   Bradley tagged in and went back and forth with Wilder, then locked on a surfboard.  Bradley hit a great rana on Wilder.  Rush Hour hit a series of tag team maneuvers.

Lancie tagged in but missed a running charge in the corner.  He backdropped Dao over the top to the apron.  Dao landed on his feet but was kicked by Wilder.  Lancie hit a powerbomb onto the top of the buckles and then a big clothesline in the corner.  He whipped Dao out onto a Wilder spinkick.

Wilder hit a hangman's neckbreaker for a two count.  Dao was worked over but finally hit a dropkick on Wilder.  Lancie tagged in and worked him over.  Dao was placed on the top but hit a tornado DDT off the ropes.  Both men were out but fought to recover.  Bolt made the hot tag and cleaned house with a ton of hot offense.  He nailed a double codebreaker to the chest of both men.

Dao and Bradley hit stereo dives to the outside of the ring.  That got an "ECW" chant.   Lancie returned to the ring and clotheslined Bradley to the outside.  Rough & Wild hit a double sidewalk slam on Dao for a two count.  Bradley returned and hit a SOS on Wilder for the pin.

Your winners, Rush Hour!

Good solid match.  They were all obviously very young in their careers and it showed but their work won over a decent portion of the crowd.

They announced a 4/4 return here at the Armory.

Azrieal & Bandido Jr. vs. The Slophunters (Alex Reynolds & John Silva) vs. Matt Tremont & Brian XL

Azrieal and XLstarted out and went back and forth until XL nailed a leg lariat.  Silva and Tremont tagged in.   Tremont caught him during an attempted head scissors and slammed him down.  Silva came back with a bodypress off the ropes for a two count.

Bandido tagged in and nailed a spike bulldog that drove Silva onto the top of his head.  Reynolds tagged in but got sent to the floor, where Bandido hit an insane dive to the outside.   Silva then hit a dive on Bandido.  Azrieal and XL went for dives but Tremont killed them with lariats.

Tremont nailed a suplex on Bandido for a two count.   XL tagged in and worked over Bandido.  Reynolds tagged in but Tremont made a blind tag and killed Bandido with another lariat. 

Bandido fought his way out of a chinlock and fired back against Tremont.  Reynolds blind tagged in and locked him in a swinging pendulum. Azrieal hit the ring and broke it up.   Reynolds and Silva worked over Bandido with double team moves.  Azrieal hit the ring and nailed a series of strikes and drilled Tremont with a top rope double stomp.

They went into an awesome series of moves.  That led to a melee in the ring.  Reynolds was left with Azrieal and Bandido, who nailed a double kick in the corner and draped Reynolds off the ropes for a double stomp.  Tremont and XL cleared the ring and killed Reynolds with a sitdown powerbomb.

Your winners, Matt Tremont and Brian XL!

Really good tag match where all six got over with the crowd.  Reynolds and Silva I've been singing the praises off forever as they are just great workers.  Tremont and XL had a unique pairing.  Azrieal and Bandido come off really polished.

Balls Mahoney and Blue Meanie came to the ring.  Mahoney said that they sat back there and watched every second of that match.   He asked the fans what they thought and the crowd popped.   Meanie said he really liked it too.   Mahoney said it's a waste to have them on the pre-show as they show what's right about Extreme Rising.  He said it's not just about the originals, but about new talents who come out and wrestle with their hearts and soul.

Mahoney said it's their lucky day, since no one wants to get in the ring with them so if they have the cajones, they challenge Tremont and XL to face them on the main show tonight. 

Tremont took the mic and said they are taking the challenge and would see them later. 

They started the official show.  Robby Mireno came out and the crowd was all over him, asking him to shut the f*** up.  Nice reaction from the hometown.  Joel Gertner came out and got a big reaction.

Extreme Rising Title Tournament: Luke Hawx vs. Stevie Richards.

They went back and forth.  They took turns hitting suplexes.  Hawx locked on body scissors around Richards' torso, working him over.  Richards made the ropes and fought back.  Hawx cut him off and after overcoming Richards' defense, locked on an abdominal stretch.  Richards broke free and they battled back and forth with chops.

Richards clotheslined Hawx over the top to the floor.  He followed Haw outside but was grabbed and whipped into the barricade.  Hawx drilled him hard over the back.  Richards fired back with hard chops of his own on the floor but was drilled across the back with something.

Luke rolled Richards back into the ring and returned himself with a slingshot into a DDT for a two count.   Hawx grabbed him in a Fireman's Carry and slammed him down.  He went for an Asai Moonsault into the ring but missed.

Richards came alive with a series of clotheslines and drilled Hawx with a series of knees to the gut.  Richards hit a Side Russian Legsweep.  Hawx tried to fight him off but was caught with a sit-down powerbomb for a two count.

Richards went to the corner for the Steviekick but Hawx ducked and nailed a spinning sit-down powerbomb for a two count.  Richards nailed the Steviekick for another two count. 

Richards locked in a submission hold and Hawx finally tapped.

Your winner, advancing, Stevie Richards!

Good solid match.  Hawx grows on me every time I see him.  These guys had really good chemistry together and the near falls were really good.  It's nuts how great Richards is in the ring.

Reby Sky came to the ring and distracted Hawx.  Matt Hardy hit the ring from the crowd and tried to attack Hawx, stemming from Hawx shoving him off the ropes to the floor in Pittsburgh.   Security and the officials pulled them apart.

The crowd chanted, "You tapped out."

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