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By Mike Johnson on 2012-12-29 10:00:00
It was reported that CM Punk had to have cartilage cleaned up because it was causing his knee to lock up. It was reported that this had been an issue for a few weeks, but I remember a shoot interview Punk did with Samoa Joe while they were both in ROH where his knee locked up and he had to walk off to loosen it up in the middle of the interview. Has this been an ongoing issue that he no one was aware of, or is this just the other knee that is the problem?

It's possible it was the same knee and it's been a recurring issue. There's been no confirmation either way.

Punk's Knee surgery was preformed by Dr. Andrews. Since he has helped numerous WWE Superstars, and is a well-renowned surgeon, should he be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame?

It's quite a possibility, although it doesn't seem like one WWE would push hard as a way to promote the Hall.

I just bought the WWE Attitude Era DVD and noticed that the old WWF scratch logo wasn't blurred out in the older footage. I have to assume that they reached some sort of settlement with the World Wildlife Fund but I was wondering if you knew when this deal went down? It's so great to see this old footage again just the way I remember it....

We reported weeks ago a financial settlement was reached. WWE can use any older footage as it was originally seen but cannot promote said footage as "WWF" in any marketing materials.

Has there been any interest from either party in John Morrison going to TNA? I'm surprised he hasn't shown up there yet, since TNA is usually pretty quick to glom onto former WWE talent with any sort of recognition value.

TNA has had interest but Morrison has basically made it clear that when he returns to the business on a full-time basis, it will be for WWE.

So with the rumor of CM Punk dropping the title to Rock at the rumble and then Punk to face Undertaker at mania (which would result in a loss) how is this good for Punk? After building him up for over a year as champ, to this? And I don't want to see Rock Cena again at Mania, especially for the title.

I am with you on that opinion, but it's hard to say wrestling The Undertaker at Wrestlemania is a step down since that would be one of the top matches from a marketing standpoint.

It was reported that TNA President Dixie Carter was able to resign former Knockout star Velvet Sky. Any chance of a reunion featuring Velvet Sky and former Beautiful People partner Angelina Love?

Not yet. Love has not signed a new deal.

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